Temporary building hire

Fast and flexible temporary buildings

Hire a temporary building from the experts.  We offer quick and hassle free installation, flexible terms and a range of options to customise your temporary building. Renting a temporary building is quick and easy.

Temporary building for hire from field & Lawn

Why hire a temporary building?

Flexible rental options

Low risk & upfront cost

Quick delivery & installation

Extend or relocate your structure

Standard solutions or bespoke options

Meet short term needs at speed

Increase your on-site space. Fast.

Our temporary building rental stock is modular and is supplied and installed in 5m lengths. This means we can provide a temporary building for rent quickly.

The length of a temporary building is only limited by how much space you have! Building widths (or spans) are generally 10m, 15m and 20m. A range of building heights can be achieved by using different leg heights. Typically, when renting a temporary building the standard eave heights are 3m, 4m and 5m depending on your requirements. Bespoke options are also available. You can then use the building as you need, and we will dismantle and remove it when you no longer need it. Easy.

Temporary buildings, available for hire now

We hold a large range of rental stock across our four regional branches. This means hiring a temporary structure is quick and easy.

We can help you with instant storage solutions, manufacturing facilities and temporary warehouse space fast. If you are looking to increase your on-site capacity, we will get your space up and running in as little as five days, without disruption.

Hiring either insulated buildings or non insulated buildings is a popular option for increasing space without a commitment to buy a structure.

Hiring a temporary building means you can have a storage solution installed on-site in as little as five days, without significant upfront capital expenditure. No expensive architects, consultants, or hidden costs!


As our rental stock and availability varies weekly, this is an overview summary of the types of buildings that are available to rent.  Temporary building rentals are generally 12 months or longer.  For urgent requirements, we have solutions ready to go and immediately available within 24 hours. Our expert team can work with you to design, develop and install the perfect solution either on a rental basis or outright purchase.

  • Width: 10m
  • Height: 5m
  • Length: 15m
  • Approx. Floor Area 150m2


Single skin, PVC roof.


Grey, single skin, robust steel panels.

About this building:

This building style will make a cost effective agricultural or plant storage building.  The steel sides provide a robust and secure outer shell.  

Inside a large temporary warehouse building
  • Width: 15m
  • Height: 4m
  • Length: 25m
  • Approx. Floor Area 375m2


Double skin, insulated inflatable PVC roof providing additional comfort and performance.


Insulated sandwich panel walls offering enhanced thermal efficiency.

About this building:

A large and thermally efficient temporary building featuring insulated walls and an insulated roof.  This will make a good warehouse or storage facility.  It has good thermal performance and will be a comfortable working environment for staff.

Looking to rent a bespoke building?

If you are looking for a medium to long term solution, or have specific requirements, you can design and rent a custom temporary building. With our interactive building configurator you can specify your structure, including size, finish and a wide range of bespoke options to generate a rental cost for your new building.