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image of a temporary warehouse designed by ai

Can AI design a temporary warehouse?

We put it to the test…. Like most, we have been embracing the power of artificial Intelligence (AI) to make our lives easier. So, we asked the question “Can AI design a temporary warehouse?”  Dall.e is a system developed by OpenAI that can create original, realistic images and art from

Temporary building for construction project on HS2

Have you considered a temporary building for your construction project?

Temporary buildings can play a vital role in construction and infrastructure projects Our range of versatile temporary structures and canopies provide a number of benefits that compliment modular site cabins. In this article, we will explore the best temporary buildings available for construction projects and how you can use a

temporary workshop building for the automotive industry

Temporary vehicle workshop buildings: Increase your maintenance space at speed

Vehicle workshop Buildings from F&l tEMPORARY BUILDINGS Every year in the UK, around 2,000,000 cars get repaired or receive routine servicing and maintenance. Subsequently, the automotive industry is booming and the market growth has seen unprecedented demand for car parts and vehicle workshop space. Our robust, relocatable temporary vehicle workshop

Temporary building classed as semi-permanent

Are temporary buildings classed as semi-permanent structures?

Debunk the myths surrounding semi-permanent solutions If you’re considering installing a temporary structure on your site you may be wondering if temporary buildings are classed as semi-permanent structures. Temporary buildings were once perceived as a quick-fix temporary solution for short-term needs. While that is still the case, big improvements in manufacturing

Frame of a cost effective temporary building installed by Field & Lawn

How much does a temporary warehouse cost?

If your current warehouse is close to capacity, here are your best options Our resident temporary building expert, Matt Cassidy talks you through how you can quickly and cost effectively get the space you need on your site with a temporary building. Matt has helped hundreds of business with temporary

temporary building installation

Can you install a temporary building in the winter?

Winter Storage: Can you install a temporary building in the winter? Winter is gripping the UK and businesses are grappling with the need for secure and weather-resistant storage solutions. There is a solution that can save time, money and stress when traditional construction projects often face challenges during the colder

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