Temporary Warehouses

Need more warehouse capacity?

Our temporary warehouses provide a high quality and flexible storage solutions in days. A bespoke temporary warehouse building will provide the extra space and capacity you need, exactly where you need it.  

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About Temporary warehouses

A temporary warehouse structure does not just mean a short term solution. They are semi-permanent solutions.

Temporary warehouses from F&L Temporary Buildings are built to last. Rest assured, your new temporary storage facility will be installed by our team of UK based, in-house experts and backed by a comprehensive warranty. 

A traditional storage facility can take months to build and will require significant investment.  A temporary warehouse can be in the region of 70% cheaper to build than a permanent building.  It is a modular building solution meaning, it is built in standard bays.  The modular warehouse bays are typically manufactured in 5m lengths.  Eave heights of up to 10m can be achieved and the span, can reach 40m across.  Larger spans can be achieved by linking buildings together or using a steel frame, providing a temporary warehouse solution for every business. 

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Like a permanent building, temporary warehouses are designed to comply with all regulations such as fire protection and local wind and weather calculations.

We offer a turnkey service and we include all calculations as standard.  If you need extra storage space, we can provide a fully compliant and robust building, giving you the extra space you need. fast.  

As you can see, you don’t need to compromise on quality, building performance or comfort. We can provide a fully insulated building with good thermal performance.  A temporary warehouse structure can be manufactured from durable PVC, industrial steel or insulated sandwich panel construction.  Generally, most warehouses will have a PVC roof which can be further insulated for enhanced performance and any sensitive storage requirements. 


High quality, cost effective and flexible temporary warehouses.

As temporary building experts, we know that quality, cost and flexibility are key factors when considering a temporary warehouse building or structure. We have a proven track record of installing top of the range warehousing solutions, storage canopies and storage buildings for a wide range of customers.


Rent and return the structure or purchase


Industrial strength with a lifespan of 20+ years

Cost effective

Industrial strength with a lifespan of 20+ years


Installed in days without disruption

Design Your Custom warehouse

We offer a range of options to get your temporary warehouse off the ground.

Your options include buying a temporary building outright or a long-term building rental agreement. Your options include insulation levels, access options, including roller shutter doors, warehouse racking, heating, lighting, security and more.  All our warehouses are weatherproof and include a building warranty.

Our team of temporary building experts are here to help, our approach is consultative and we will work with you to refine your design to deliver the best possible temporary warehouse solution.  Your new warehouse is only a few clicks away!  

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Frequently asked questions

Our team of experts answer some common questions regarding temporary warehouses:

A temporary warehouse is a durable structure that consists of modular building sections. Generally these are in 5m bays. They are assembled to create temporary structures, making them a fast and efficient way of creating more space for warehousing. Despite the “temporary” name, they are durable structures that can last 20+ years. 

Anything! Your new warehouse can be used for a whole host of applications, including bulk storage, ambient warehousing and industrial storage. We can specify a structure to meet your exact storage needs. There are a wide range of bespoke options to give you the perfect storage building.

In general, planning permission for temporary buildings is needed if you intend on keeping your temporary building erected for more than 28 days.  Find out more here.

Our warehouses benefit from rapid installation and can installed within a matter of days. A typical mid-size build will take three to five days. 

A temporary building can be installed on virtually any surface, slope or tight and constrained space.  They can even be designed and engineered to accommodate obstacles such as walls, steps and banking.  We have methods of installation for all types of ground surfaces, although by far the best surface is a concrete base. That said, we regularly install on tarmac car parks, hard core and even grass.  Temporary warehouses can also be engineered using ballast weights for when the ground can’t be penetrated.

Approximately 4-8 weeks from the point of order, depending on the size of the warehouse. Installation times vary on size however; typically, it takes about 3-5 days to install on site. Renting or hiring a temporary building can significantly cut these timescales. Depending on stock availability, rental structures can be delivered in as little as 5 days. 

Yes, it is possible to rent a temporary building.  If you are looking for a short-term warehouse or storage space, you can hire or rent the space you need. Our rental terms are flexible if your storage requirements change over time.

Get the warehouse space you need. Fast.

If you’re new to temporary buildings, here are some key things you need to know

We have been designing, supplying, and installing temporary warehouse building solutions for decades. We are the official UK distributor of Protan Elmark, who produce some of the highest quality clearspan warehouses structures found across the globe. Temporary buildings are compliant with local authority building regulations and are a great way to get the additional space you need.  

Our expert, in-house project management team will be with you at every stage of the process and can support with planning permission for temporary buildings right through to commissioning and fit out. 

Hire or buy a temporary warehouse building.

As temporary building experts, we know that quality, cost and flexibility are key factors when considering a temporary building or structure. We have a proven track record of installing top of the range storage buildings, industrial buildings, canopies and warehouses for a wide range of customers.