Temporary warehouse storage solutions

Get more warehouse and storage capacity, Fast.

Our temporary warehouse storage solutions are versatile structures that offers many benefits. This makes them a popular choice for businesses looking to quickly expand storage options

They can be used for a range of storage requirements, for long and short term storage needs.  In this article, will explore the key benefits, the things you need to consider and the specification options available to help you get more space and capacity. 

Warehouse for storage operations

Features and benefits

Cost Effective

Around 70% cheaper than a traditional building


Snow, wind and fire rated for UK regulations

Install Anywhere

No foundations, we can build on any surface


Built to your exact requirements

Durable & Robust

Industrial strength solutions, built to last


Rent and return the structure or purchase

Rapid Installation

Installed in days without disruption

Insulation Available

Choose from insulated, steel or PVC options

The key benefits of our temporary warehouse storage solutions are their cost effectiveness and their rapid deployment. We install the building on your site in a matter of days. This allows your businesses to address urgent storage requirements without delay. 

Cost effective warehouse capacity

In terms of cost-effectiveness, temporary buildings offer significant savings compared to constructing a permanent building. Our temporary storage solutions are in the region of 70% cheaper than a permanent building. 

Rapid installation, anywhere

Your storage building is installed in days. One of the key benefits of our temporary warehouse storage solutions is their rapid deployment. We install the building on your site in a matter of days. This allows your businesses to address urgent storage requirements without delay. 

Quality, durability and specification options

Although they are know as “temporary” warehouse storage solutions, our buildings are highly durable.  They perceived as temporary because they can be easily relocated and removed. However, in reality most business will use the structure for 20+ years. 

From high eaves and bespoke doors, to robust security features like CCTV and access control systems, these structures are designed to enhance operational efficiency.  Every building is manufactured with the very best materials, using state of the art processes. Installation is completed by our experienced in-house teams. We can provide highly bespoke, long-term structures, right through to standard modular temporary buildings, ideal for short term rental.

Insulated buildings and non-insulated structures

One of the key specification options is the cladding.  We provide all the options from a non-insulated structure through to as fully insulated building solution.  

Our insulation options are thermally efficient, comfortable and sustainable to heat.  These buildings are ideal if staff will be working in the warehouse.  Our non-insulated buildings can use durable PCV walls or steel panels for additional durability.

Temporary building for hire from field & Lawn
semi-permanent Temporary building installed by Field & Lawn

Steel and industrial warehouse buildings

If your business needs secure, industrial storage Whether it’s a loading bay or warehouse, single skin steel buildings are an ideal way to securely store goods  and protect products from the elements. A steel building has a permenant look and feel and will provide a long term storage solution. 

It will provide a good level of security and will be compatible with several options for access doors. In our experience,  steel warehouse structures are ideal for bulk storage space

Access and further options

You can specify a building to your exact needs.

For instance, a manufacturing plant may require temporary storage for raw materials, finished goods, and plant. With the flexibility and extenstive options, we  can create separate sections within the space to optimise your workflow.

inside a warehouse storage building

What you need to consider when looking for extra storage space

Temporary buildings are quick and simple to install.  There is much less to consider compared to a traditional building.  One of the most important factors is planning permission.  Will you need planning for a temporary warehouse?  That depends on several factors, including how long you intent to use the structure, the size and location of the building.  

Scalability is another key advantage that sets our temporary warehouse storage solutions apart. Whether you are a small startup who needs to store equipment as you expand or a large corporation requires overflow storage, these structures are made to measure so you need to consider if you want to expand in the future

Where will you locate the structure? We can install on most ground surfaces without any complex foundations, again saving costs.  Finally, depending on how long you will need the structure, we offer flexible options to hire a temporary warehouse.  If you have a longer term storage requirement, we can provide a competitive, no obligation quotation.

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