Temporary warehouse buildings

Flexible temporary warehouse solutions.

Our temporary warehouse buildings always provide a high quality and flexible storage solutions in days. A temporary warehouse will give you the extra space and capacity you need, exactly where you need it. Additionally, they are around 70% cheaper to build, compared to a traditional warehouse.

A temporary warehouse building

Advantages and benefits of temporary warehouse buildings

One of the biggest advantages of our warehouse buildings is their flexibility. First, you can purchase or hire a temporary warehouse building and solve the costly logistical problems of managing rented off-site storage. Furthermore, our buildings don’t need foundations, this means you can install a temporary warehouse anywhere!


Rent and return the structure or purchase


Industrial strength with a lifespan of 20+ years

Cost effective

In the region of 70% cheaper than traditional builds


Installed in days without disruption or foundations

In Focus: Temporary warehouse Buildings

Bespoke, movable, flexible and fast to install.

We have developed our buildings to increase your storage capacity quickly and without disruption.  Despite the “temporary” name they are engineered to perform for 20+ years.  

In addition, buildings can be specified in a range of high quality finishes, including a robust PVC tensile fabric, industrial steel cladding and insulated sandwich panels. These options give you complete flexibility and adaptability depending on the type of storage you require. 

Finally, our team will work with you to chose the best options. For efficiency, we manufacture in 5m bay lengths, however bespoke sizes are available.  Widths of up to 40m and heights of up to 10m can be achieved. In terms of length, we are only limited by the space you have on your site! Importantly, our warehouses meet all UK Building Regulations, snow and wind loadings and comply with BSS6399 standards.


A complete warehouse solution

Our knowledgeable team can take care of every detail. We can provide a full fit out service, including a range of extras such as access doors, warehouse racking, lighting, heating, cooling.  If you need to partition your warehouse, we can also provide bespoke joinery and internal walling to maximise your storage space and drive efficiency. From planning to design and aftercare, we will always be open, upfront and honest to give you the best possible warehouse building.  To get your warehouse up and running quickly, here are some of the options we can help you with:

We provide temporary warehousing to:

Forth Ports
Oak Furniture Land
Balfour Beatty
Conoco Phillips


Store stock, materials and more safely and securely.

If you need a temporary storage building, look no further.  Our structures can be used for any storage requirements, from bulk storage through to sensitive chilled and temperature controlled warehousing.

You can create more space and capacity for storage quickly with our flexible and cost-effective temporary warehouses.  Due to their modular construction, it is easy to extend, re-locate or reduce the size of your temporary warehouse if your needs change.  Our solutions have been used to store car parts, construction materials, consumer goods, electronics, agricultural material and even a T-Rex! If you store small parts, large pallets or even helicopters, our storage buildings will tick every box, from UK Building regulations to the highest quality standards.

Customers choose our temporary warehouse buildings because they are quick to install and exceptional quality.  Typically, we can install a temporary storage building on your site within three to four days. 



Warehouse canopies and loading bays

Additional storage capacity or covered space.

Loading bay canopies provide shelter for your loading or unloading operations.  An industrial canopy will complement your warehouse solution and improve operational performance all year round. Our canopies can be integrated into any existing building or erected as stand-alone structures.  We can provide them with large open ends or they can be enclosed to fully protect stock and staff from the elements.

Obviously, they provide excellent protection during the winter months from rain, snow and wind. However, as we are experiencing hotter summers, they provide safety, shade and shelter from the sun. Ultimately meaning they make an ideal addition to your warehousing operations, all year round! 

Insulated buildings and warehouses

Efficient, and durable warehouses.

If your products are temperature or climate-sensitive, you can select insulated sandwich panels and an inflatable PVC roof. Insulated warehouse buildings will give you a comfortable working environment that is efficient to heat.  The additional insulation provides improved thermal performance over standard walling and roofing options.  

We find that insulation is not always needed, however, it does help to keep internal temperatures constant.  We find that industries that deal with sensitive products, such as pharmaceuticals. chemicals, beverage and food products often choose an element of insulation.  Furthermore, if you have a team working inside the warehouse, the added insulation provides a better working environment.  

We will design a warehouse that is tailored to your storage requirements. Above all, our warehouse buildings deliver a high quality solution that meets your specific operational needs.

Design your 
warehouse today

Industrial warehouse tents

Additional warehouse capacity, in an instant.

An industrial storage tent is a robust and quick solution.  We provide quality warehouse tents to businesses who need emergency or seasonal storage.  They are good short term solutions to increase warehouse capacity.  Importantly, just because they are a “tent” doesn’t mean we compromise on quality.  With industrial PVC sides and a lightweight aluminum frame, a storage tent will provide the space you need at pace.  We can custom design your storage solution and include a range of options from bespoke access doors, lighting, solid ABS sides and more.  

In summary, we find that many business need a quick warehouse solution and opt for an industrial tent for their speed and efficiency.  We then work with customers to progress through to designing and specifying a more semi-permanent warehouse building. 

Frequently asked questions

Our team will always offer honest advise and support. Our knowledgeable team have answered some common questions regarding temporary warehouse buildings.

A temporary warehouse can be installed on virtually any surface, slope or tight and constrained site.    We have methods of installation for all types of ground surfaces, although by far the best surface is a concrete base.  That said, we regularly install on tarmac car parks, hard core and even grass.  Temporary warehouses can also be engineered using ballast weights for when the ground can’t be penetrated. Importantly, our warehouse buildings do not require complex foundations.

Approximately 4-8 weeks from the point of order, depending on the size of the warehouse. Installation times vary on size however, typically, it takes about 3-5 days to install on site. Renting or hiring a temporary building can significantly cut these timescales. Depending on stock availability, rental structures can be delivered in as little as 5 days. If you need emergency warehouse capacity, we can generally provide an industrial tent in 24 hours. 

Our warehouses benefit from rapid installation and can installed within a matter of days. A typical mid-size installation will take three to four days. As they are modular structures, we require very little plant.  This means disruption and down-time is minimal for your business. 

You are in control and can specify your warehouse to any standard. From a basic non-insulated storage structure through to a state of the art warehouse complete with insulated sandwich panel walls, internal partitions, lighting and roller shutter doors, anything is possible with our flexible temporary buildings.

Our temporary buildings are designed and manufactured to stand up to the most challenging environments. Despite the “temporary” name, they are long-lasting, durable structures that can be used for decades. They meet all UK Building Regulations and wind, snow and fire ratings. We provide a full warranty with our warehouse buildings.

Are they temporary or semi-permanent solutions?

If you’re considering installing a new storage building on your site, you may be wondering if temporary building structures are classed as semi-permanent structures. Temporary buildings were once perceived as a quick-fix temporary solution for short-term needs. While that is still the case, big improvements in manufacturing and production technology have definitely blurred the lines between what is “temporary” and “semi-permanent”. In truth, the lines between a temporary and semi-permanent building are quite blurry.

About F&L Temporary buildings

We are temporary building experts with decades of experience in helping business like yours. We have provided temporary warehouse solutions for large blue chip businesses and independent retailers across the UK.  Including, Ikea, Oak furnitureland and Matalan.  Our approach is different, we are collaborative and design focused.  We offer a full turnkey solution and are one of the only temporary building providers with a national branch network.  This means we provide a responsive local service which is delivered by experienced professionals.  

Our expert, in-house project management team will be with you at every stage of the process and can support with planning permission for temporary buildings right through to commissioning and fit out. 

Completed projects

Finally, we have a track record of delivering high quality, cost-effective temporary warehouse structures for clients in the UK. You can see examples and case studies on in our project portfolio.  Also, if you would like to visit one of our completed projects, our sales team will be happy to arrange a local site visit.