Temporary structures

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F&L Temporary Buildings are leading experts on providing temporary structures for a wide range of applications and industries.  Our temporary structures are manufactured using the latest technology to provide a high-quality, long lasting solution.  

an example of how temporary structures can be used and designed for industrial applications. Using a large roller shutter door


Our temporary structures

Our two most popular structures are temporary buildings and industrial canopies. 

While they are referred to as “temporary” the structure itself is highly durable. The temporary name is because the structure is classed as demountable. There is a misconception that due to their temporary name, planning permission is not required.  However, in most cases, just like a permanent building, planning permission is needed.  There are a few exceptions where a planning application is not required, for example if your structure will be in place for under 28 days. For more on temporary structure planning permission, download our free resource on planning.

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How are temporary structures made?

Precision, off-site manufacturing and expert engineering to stand the test of time

Our temporary demountable structures are manufactured off-site using the latest precision engineering technology. This is a highly efficient and fast production process. As we handle the design and architecture of the building, you won’t need to engage structural engineers to progress your project. It is all included in our service. Like most modular buildings, installation is rapid and you won’t face the hassle of a traditional construction project. Installation is usually completed in a week.


Explore the applications..

Temporary warehouse solutions

A temporary storage structure can offer more flexibility compared to a permanent building.

If you are at capacity and stretched for space, a temporary warehouse can solve your challenges quickly.  A traditional storage building can take months to construct and will require significant investment.  A temporary warehouse can be in the region of 70% cheaper to build than a permanent building.  It is a modular building solution meaning, it is built in standard bays.  


Temporary workshop buildings

Don't loose customers if your workshop is at capacity. Invest in additional workshop space.

If you need to quickly expand workshop capacity a temporary structure can provide the space you need to grow. Our workshop structures can be specified  to include large access doors, viewing windows for MOT testing and bespoke extraction and ventilation systems for production and manufacturing. Fast-running roller shutter doors ensure smooth operational processes. Lighting systems, windows and other options are available.  Other solutions for the automotive industry include car showrooms, part storage buildings and valeting bays. 



Canopy Structures

The ultimate in efficiency, a canopy solution can quickly protect your stock and improve performance.

Our industrial canopies are ideal for protecting stock, pallets and materials in your yard.  They provide shelter and shade from adverse weather and if you have an original building, it is possible to seamlessly integrate into an existing building or provide a stand-alone structure.  Our canopies can be specified with open sides, open ends or completely enclosed with security doors.


What about marquees and moveable structures?

If you are looking for a very short term temporary structure, an industrial storage tent, or marquee may be a good option to consider.  These structures can be deployed rapidly but they do not provide a permanent structure solution like other options.  Event structures such as a marquee would not generally comply with building regulations.  This means that if you have a medium to long term requirement, a more robust and durable temporary structure is advisable.  

Quality and durability

As temporary building experts, we know that quality, cost and flexibility are key factors when considering a temporary building or structure. We have a proven track record of installing top of the range storage buildings, industrial buildings, canopies and warehouses for a range of customers.


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Industrial strength with a lifespan of 20+ years

High Quality

Industrial strength with a lifespan of 20+ years


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Hire or buy a temporary structure.

As temporary building experts, we know that quality, cost and flexibility are key factors when considering a temporary building or structure. We have a proven track record of installing top of the range storage bulk buildings, including a range of bespoke and custom storage buildings.