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Are you looking for more space to expand your business? We supply and install high quality flexible temporary buildings and industrial canopies.  Our in-house team of experts are ready to help you get the space you need.

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Temporary buildings in Northern Ireland & Ireland

Field and Lawn provide fast and cost-effective temporary buildings to all areas of Northern Ireland and Ireland.  Our Temporary buildings provide safe and secure structures for a range of uses.  They can be built on-site in a matter of days, providing rapid storage solutions.

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We offer high quality temporary building solutions, providing temporary warehouses and additional space to a wide range of businesses based in Northern Ireland and Ireland. Our temporary buildings can be rented or brought outright.  We offer structures for short-term use through to semi-permanent buildings that will last in excess of 20 years.

A temporary structure gives you the flexibility that traditional, permanent buildings cannot match. As they are modular buildings, you can easily extend your space as your needs change.  If you need additional space, a temporary building could be the perfect solution If you are in need of additional space, a temporary building could be the perfect solution. 

We have designed and installed a wide range of industrial and commercial buildings, canopies and shelters for business and private individuals across a range of sectors.  From retail, sport, leisure and manufacturing business to transport, logistics and public sector organisations.  We are ready to help you with your temporary building project.  

Frequently asked questions

Do I need planning permission?

In general, planning permission for temporary buildings is needed if you intend on keeping your temporary building erected for more than 28 days. There are some exemptions so it is always best to consult an expert.

Where can I install a building?

A temporary building can be installed on virtually any surface, slope or tight and constrained space. They can even be designed and engineered to accommodate obstacles such as walls, steps and banking.

Can I rent a building?

Yes, it is possible to rent a temporary building. If you are looking for a short-term warehouse or storage space, you can hire or rent the space you need. Then, if the building works for you, it can be purchased.

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Our head office is located in Scotland. From here, we provide temporary buildings in Northern Ireland and Ireland.  Benefit from a dedicated project manager who will attend site and see your project through from quote stage to completion and beyond.  We also offer bespoke building maintenance packages. 

Our approach

If you are looking to buy or hire a temporary building, we provide a bespoke, tailored service, giving you a competitive quote based on your exact requirements and building specification.  Every building is project managed and installed by our local, in-house team.  If you are looking to rent a temporary building, anywhere in Northern Ireland or Ireland, we can install a structure in a matter of days.  

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