Bespoke buildings for the automotive sector

Does your business need extra space?

We have developed a range of flexible and cost-effective temporary buildings designed specifically for the automotive industry to quickly scale up your operational capacity. Temporary buildings are only temporary by name. They offer a durable, flexible and cost effective solution, providing additional space and capacity, exactly where you need it. 

Our buildings meet all UK Building Regulations and can be deployed within days. The quality and durability is comparable to a permanent building. However, they are commonly referred to as “temporary” because they are a de-mountable modular building which can be moved, extended or relocated with ease.

Specifications and bespoke options

Our buildings are bespoke to your needs and we offer an industry leading range of specification options for the automotive sector. The specification options are entirely flexible based on your requirements. From a high specification insulated building, providing exceptional comfort and thermal performance to a steel industrial storage building.  

This can include showroom standard lighting, flooring, glazing and a full heating and cooling system. Other solutions include functional and durable temporary structures that can be used as workshop space and additional garage capacity. We can provide bespoke rapid roller shutter doors, a range of RAL colours and can adapt the specification to fit any size vehicle from domestic cars through to HGVs.

Insulation options

Bespoke access doors

Brand colours

Fast installation

Custom sizes

Glazing and windows

Design, manufacturing and installation

F&L temporary buildings offer a free and comprehensive design service. This will save you time and money as you won’t need to engage expensive architects and consultants.

Our experts will work with you to develop an initial design based on your specification. Next, we will refine the design and provide detailed design drawings and visual renders. The design process is fast and we can provide a design within a few days.

The buildings are made using off-site manufacturing facilities and delivered to site within 4-6 weeks. We use a modular construction method to install the structure, which means we can be in and out in a matter of days.

Your building is installed by our experienced, in-house team. This means you wont face the disruption, noise and inconvenience  associated with traditional construction projects.

Increase your space. Fast.

Automotive applications

Their flexibility and functionality means our buildings can be used for a wide range of automotive applications. From creating a stunning temporary car showroom through to a functional temporary garage, MOT station, spray centre (with extraction capability) or parts storage building.  We can even provide a bespoke photography studio to enable your sales team to get the best product imagery to support online car sales.  Here are the most popular automotive industry applications for our temporary building solutions:

Temporary workshop building or maintenance bay

Our durable temporary workshop buildings can provide custom made workshops space to expand your capacity. 

We can install a workshop on most ground surfaces without complicated foundations. They can be fitted out to meet manufacturer standards and include pits, ramps and lifts to ensure all maintenance can be completed within the structure. 

With F&L Temporary Buildings, you will get a great workshop, backed by a comprehensive warranty that can help your business meet demand quickly. If your needs change, you can easily extend, modify or relocate one of our workshops.

insulated temporary vehicle workshop
Valeting bay for cars skoda

Valeting bay

A valeting bay is a bespoke industrial structure, typically a steel building, that provides shelter to clean and valet cars or other commercial vehicles.  

Your options are wide open as we can build single or multi-bay structures, providing capacity for busy valeting sites and car washes. These structures are suitable for sites with high volume of vehicles. For example, large car dealerships, rental car centres, fleet depots, haulage companies, coach hire and even police, fire and ambulance stations.  

A common specification for car dealerships is a two bay industrial structure complete with a wet and dry side for washing and detailing to the highest standards.  Larger structures or canopies are more suited to commercial feet cleaning. 

Temporary storage building

You can store your parts safely in a custom storage building.  Our storage buildings are ideal for tyres and parts large or small and can be specified with racking solutions to increase capacity.

We can partition your storage building to offer a customer collection point. Alternatively, we can integrate a structure into your existing building, part store or workshop to provide a seamless storage solution. 

Finally, if you need a temporary warehouse to manage seasonal storage requirements, we can provide a short term rental solution. Temporary buildings can be a better alternative to a traditional storage unit as the additional space is on your existing land.  This is easier than looking for and managing off-site storage solutions. 

Inside a large temporary part storage building with an insulated roof
A high quality temporary showroom and training centre

Temporary car showroom

Exceptional, bright and inviting space is a key feature of any showroom, giving each of your vehicles the perfect platform to shine.

If you want to expand quickly, a temporary car showroom could provide the ideal solution. Our temporary structures can be tailored to practically any requirement or standard.  

This includes large feature glazing panels to let natural light flood into the showroom and bespoke roller shutter doors to get vehicles in and out with ease.  

Temporary buildings are incredibly flexible and we can partition your temporary showroom to provide offices, toilets, customer waiting areas, vehicle handover suites and much more.  

About F&L temporary buildings

We are temporary building experts with a track record of providing high quality industrial buildings, insulated buildings, warehouse solutions and canopy structures for the automotive sector. Our approach is consultative which means we will work with you at every stage to ensure you’re satisfied and get the maximum value from your space. With a wide range of temporary buildings for sale and rapid rental options, simply contact our team of experts to start your project.

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