Temporary building structures

Temporary structures: Rapid space solutions

A temporary building will give your business high quality space much faster than a traditional building or extension. A temporary structure, despite the name will stand the test of time and can be in place for 20+ years.  The quality and durability of these structures have advanced significantly. If you need more space, explore how a temporary building structure can give you exactly what you need.

temporary building structures are quick, high quality and cost effective

What are temporary building structures?

They are demountable, modular structures that are designed to meet your specific needs. Importantly, they are manufactured off-site in modular building components.  This means that we can manufacture and install a building in weeks, providing a rapid, high quality solution for your business.  It’s the lower cost, lower risk alternative to traditional construction.  Compared to a permanent structure, our buildings are in the region of 70% cheaper to install, significantly quicker and much more flexible.  By definition, a temporary structure is not designed to be in place on a permanent basis. 

How do they compare to permanent buildings?

Firstly, our buildings are comparable to a permanent building in terms of quality and durability. Advanced engineering, modern manufacturing techniques and high quality materials provide a robust and cost-effective alternative to a traditional permanent building.  by direct comparison, our temporary building solutions are in the region of 70% cheaper.  In addition, they are also much faster to design and install.  Typically, we can install a building within five days.  The manufacturing lead time varies but as a guide, we can manufacture a bespoke structure in 4-6 weeks.  

Speed of installation: We manufacture off-site in modular components, allowing for rapid installation This process is much quicker than the lengthy timelines associated with traditional buildings. It also reduces disruption and down time, allowing your business to carry on as normal. 

Flexibility: Temporary buildings are highly flexible and can be easily reconfigured, expanded, or relocated as needed. We can configure your building to your exact requirements, including bespoke doors, windows and HVAC.  This flexibility makes them ideal for businesses with changing  requirements or those operating in dynamic environments.

Durability: Despite being called “temporary,” our modern temporary structures are highly durable. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and provide a safe and secure environment for various applications. 

Increase your space. Fast.

Use cases and applications

Temporary building structures can be used for a variety of applications, the possibilities are practically limitless!  Most frequently, they are used for storage space, warehousing, temporary workshop buildings and industrial canopies. However, they can be specified to very high standards including insulated walls which means they can also be used as temporary offices for example.  Popular applications:

Warehousing and storage

Temporary workshops 

Industrial canopies

Finally, temporary building structures can be installed on most ground surfaces.  We have installed on carparks, hard standing, contaminated land, sloped surfaces and other challenging locations.  We can even engineer a solution that will work on grass!
semi-permanent Temporary building installed by Field & Lawn

About F&L temporary buildings

We are temporary building experts with a track record of providing high quality storage buildings, insulated buildings, warehouse solutions and canopy structures. Our approach is consultative which means we will work with you at every stage to ensure you’re satisfied and get the maximum value from your space. With a wide range of temporary buildings for sale and rapid rental options, simply contact our team of experts to start your project.

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