Temporary Warehouse Installed for Retail Giant!

Rethinking the retail experience with temporary warehouse buildings

As a result of huge demand for Click and Collect and the associated warehouse requirements, a designated structure to fulfill click and collect orders was required, separate to the existing facilities at the main store.  Above all, the new temporary storage solution makes efficient use of space on an unused area of tarmac.

At a glance




15m x 18m on a 3m eave. Total area 270 Sqm.




Warehousing and Storage

The Requirement

Firstly, as retailers cement their omnichannel experience, we were asked by one of our returning clients IKEA to deliver their 5th temporary warehouse facility. In light of this the requirement was to enhance the customer journey and provide much needed temporary storage space to store and fulfil click and collect orders.

Most importantly, the temporary modular building needed to be in close proximity to the existing building where the store is located so that goods could be transported freely between locations. On this occasion, full insulation was also specifically required, together with several entry and exit points to keep up with the fast-paced operation.

The Solutions

In summary, a fully insulated temporary warehouse budling was installed to fulfil the client’s storage needs. The temporary space was installed using insulated sandwich panels and an inflatable roof system. Notably, the brief included the installation of a rapid-action roller shutter door to maximise energy efficiency and maintain the insulation properties within the temporary storage building.


Additionally, the new temporary structure will enable the client to continue expanding operations to meet the ever-growing demand for Click & Collect.  Most importantly, due to the modular nature of the temporary warehouse building installed, if the client requires more space in the future, it can be quickly bolted onto their existing space.

Furthermore, we understand that the customer experience is an important factor in the retail industry. For this reason we provide a temporary building that has a ‘permanent’ look and feel to provide a high quality shopping experience for valued consumers. To conclude, Two electrically operated fast opening roller shutter doors complete the warehouse building.

Above all, the fully insulated structure provides additional storage space, fitted with a double skin inflatable roof system providing great insulation and acoustic qualities. In addition, the insulated roof system delivers good thermal performance at  1.6 W (m²K). This coupled with 60mm insulated sandwich panels, means the building will be comfortable all year round.

The specification


Aluminium clear-span temporary warehouse structure with 4 channel aluminium extrusion beam, 5m bay lengths, 22-degree roof pitch, snow loading capacity of 75kg/m2 and wind loading of 28 m/s.


Double skin inflatable roof system 650g/m² white PVC.


Insulated sandwich panels


30m (15m to each side) UPVC gutters to eaves of structure with downpipes

The results

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