Can you install a temporary building in the winter?

temporary building installation

Winter Storage: Can you install a temporary building in the winter?

Winter is gripping the UK and businesses are grappling with the need for secure and weather-resistant storage solutions. There is a solution that can save time, money and stress when traditional construction projects often face challenges during the colder months.  This includes project disruption from bad weather, material delays’ labour shortages and simple logistics. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into why temporary buildings are one of the best choices for expanding on-site capacity during winter. 

Unlocking the power of temporary building solutions

Temporary buildings, with their flexibility, value for money and rapid installation, are versatile solutions for businesses who need more space.  Be that additional storage options, manufacturing capacity or workshop space. Our robust structures offer a wide range of flexible solutions. The versatility of temporary buildings makes them an ideal solution for businesses seeking extra space in the colder winter months and throughout the year.

A team quickly install a temporary building during winter

Winter-Ready storage buildings

Temporary storage buildings play a pivotal role in addressing the challenges posed by winter weather. Their robust design can withstand heavy snow and wind loads, providing a secure environment for stock and materials or shelter for loading and unloading.  Our temporary buildings are completely customisable and additional security, lighting and heating can be specified.

Things to consider for planning additional warehouse capacity

Temporary building installation speed

If you are looking to install a temporary building in the winter, you will be pleased to know that they can be installed all year round. Unlike traditional building projects, they are more resilient to bad weather during the installation process. This means the winter won’t slow your project down.  In fact, it typically takes just 4-5 working days to install a temporary building, compared to several months for a permanent structure.

Why are temporary buildings so quick to install?

Temporary buildings are renowned for their rapid installation and the key to this efficiency lies in the innovative approach of using modular pre-manufactured components. This method contrasts with the traditional construction techniques, resulting in significantly faster project timelines and reduced on-site disruption.

Off-Site manufacture of modular building components:

In temporary building construction, the majority of components are pre-manufactured in a controlled factory environment. This off-site approach allows for a precise and streamlined production process, while focusing on quality at every stage. This controlled environment minimizes the impact of weather conditions, ensuring that production remains uninterrupted regardless of external factors.

Reduced labour and disruption:

Traditional construction methods typically involve a considerable amount of on-site labour, from foundation work to finishing. In contrast, temporary buildings arrive at the site already manufactured and ready for installation. Our in-house installation teams can work quickly through the winter months to install a temporary building.

Precision and quality control:

Off-site manufacture in a factory allows for precise control over the quality of each component. Advanced technologies and quality assurance processes ensure that every piece meets the required standards. This level of precision is often challenging to achieve consistently with traditional on-site construction, where external factors such as weather and manual work can introduce variability.

Transportation efficiency:

Pre-manufactured modular components are designed for efficient transportation to site. The compact nature of these components reduces the need for large, specialized transportation methods. This contrasts with the transportation challenges often faced in traditional construction, where the delivery of large quantities of raw materials can be logistically complex. Generally, our deliveries will be on one articulated lorry. 


Temporary buildings produce very little waste compared to a traditional building.  This is better for the environment and more cost effective as you wont need to hire multiple skips for building waste.  There will also be less noise and dust disruption compared to a traditional build process. 

Temporary building structures: Flexibility and efficiency

Temporary buildings are renowned for their flexibility, providing a quick and disruption-free installation process. With a modular design, we can provide a fully bespoke building designed to your businesses needs.  The flexibility of temporary structures also extends to the option of renting, offering businesses an additional layer of adaptability based on their storage requirements.

Insulated buildings: Ensuring optimal comfort and performance

a large temporary warehouse installed in the winter

For businesses facing extreme winter conditions, insulated temporary buildings become a crucial asset. These structures, designed to meet all relevant building regulations, offer protection against heavy snow loads and freezing temperatures. The ability to fully or partially insulate these buildings ensures optimal comfort and performance, safeguarding valuable stock from the harsh winter weather.

Planning Permission and building regulations

One of the notable advantages of temporary buildings is the streamlined design process. In most cases, an Architect is not required as we can help you design your storage building. This accelerates the project timeline, allowing us to get on with manufacturing and installing your building without costly consultants or delays. Temporary buildings comply with building regulations, ensuring safety, even in regions prone to heavy snowfall or strong costal winds. 

Need more space quickly this winter?

To start your project, contact one of our experts today.  Our approach is consultative and we will work with you to design and install the very best solution for your needs.