Five reasons why a Temporary Building can help you

a large temporary building used for storage and warehousing


Temporary buildings are only temporary by name. As you look ahead to 2023, here are five reasons why a temporary building from Field and Lawn can help you and your business.

1. Temporary buildings are cost effective 

With rent and rates also rocketing, business are looking to temporary buildings to mitigate costs increases.  A temporary building can be in the region of 70% cheaper than a traditional build. Temporary buildings don’t rely on numerous trades, and construction processes.  They are engineered off site and installed quickly with minimum disruption.

     2. Surge in stockpiling 

Shipping prices, delays, and general product availability have caused sustained stress across the supply chain and warehousing sector.  Businesses need to be maximising the benefits of bulk buying to keep stock levels consistent and prices competitive.  This has put strain on already maxed out storage spaces.  Take full advantage and keep your stock safe and secure in a temporary building.  

     3. Rise in click and collect

Over the past three years, consumers have been clicking and receiving, now they are heading back to store, with retailers focusing on experience and in store offerings.  Convenience is key and retailers are moving to a hybrid buying experience.  This means using click and collect to shop around for the best deal, before collecting it from store. Create a great customer experience by offering a dedicated click and collect facility.  Read a click and collect case study here.

     4. Agility to thrive 

Whether you are looking to tender for more work or have existing contracts that are becoming larger.  You can scale your business quickly with a temporary building. Business who are able to adapt and flex, thrive in challenging times.  Temporary storage can be set up in a matter of weeks, allowing you to get your on site space up and running quickly.

     5. Going green

Temporary buildings by nature are sustainable, they can be re-used, re-located and re-cycled. Businesses need to move towards net zero. This means a real focus on the “final mile.” Often the most carbon intensive part of the distribution chain.  Smaller, local storage and warehousing solutions will be a major trend in 2023.  With logistics companies moving to electric fleets with (currently) shorter range, micro vehicles and pedal power, with smaller freight capacity. It paves the way for smaller, local warehouses, perfectly suited to temporary buildings.

Our team of expert Project Managers are ready and waiting to help you get your temporary building off the ground.