Visiting Protan in Poland

Recently, our team headed to Poznan in Poland to meet with the manufacturers of the temporary buildings we proudly distribute to the UK and Ireland – Protan Elmark.

We have partnered with Protan Elmark since 2017 and have enjoyed continued growth year on year, with 2022 mapped out to be our best yet.

To kick things off, we spent the day at Protan Elmark’s headquarters meeting various key contacts and visiting the different departments on site. We saw first-hand the many aspects and details that go in to designing and manufacturing a market leading aluminium clear-span structure.

The facilities were incredibly impressive and the high-level of craftmanship and professionalism were there to witness.

After several informative meetings, including training on the various structure types, the solutions available and the different materials used we headed out to take a look at some of the structures Protan had themselves installed around the Poznan area.

The Polish sales team had certainly been actively selling their product as there were structures everywhere!

It was a great opportunity for our team to see the variety of structures and solutions available, from warehousing to manufacturing facilities, vehicle storage or fully insulated office spaces, the versatility was on full display.

It was a valuable opportunity to learn more about the structures and a fantastic chance to strengthen Field and Lawn’s partnership with Protan Elmark. Which in turn, only strengthens our position as a leading supplier of semi-permanent/temporary structures in the UK and Ireland.

We are able to configure structures according to your needs and manage the entire process from concept to installation, providing you with the best service at every stage of the project.

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