Vehicle Transport and Storage Structures

A large temporary workshop used as a car garage with a roller shutter door.

Field and Lawn’s permanent structures come in all shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of uses.

We recently installed one of our industrial structures for a vehicle logistics and storage provider.

At their new site in Bathgate, the company needed to be able to process over 100 new vehicles per day for a full pre-delivery inspection, getting them ready for transportation all over the UK.

Vehicle Transport and Storage Structures

Vehicle Transport and Storage Structures

With no available buildings onsite to use for this purpose, Field and Lawn provided the solution.

We had nine weeks to create a structure measuring 225 sqm with a 5-metre eve to allow for the processing of larger vans. We needed to ensure the structure could be deconstructed and moved to another site, that it was thermally insulated, and that electric roller shutter doors and pedestrian access doors were incorporated.

Comprising a double-skin inflated roof system to remove excessive condensation the structure was also provided with corner bracing to maximise the working area by utilising the roof space.

Vehicle Transport and Storage Structures

As well as all of this, we also acted on the client’s behalf to engage with our Planning Consultants.

Providing this service allows the client to continue running their business while ensuring everything was being looked after behind the scenes concerning their planning application.

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