Temporary warehouse construction: How to beat rising construction costs

How much does a temporary warehouse costs like this

A Better Way to Build a Warehouse: A modular, pre-fabricated solution.

Field and Lawn are a leading temporary warehouse construction company and supplier of pre-fabricated temporary warehouses, semi-permanent buildings and industrial canopies.  The demand for warehousing, logistics, and distribution buildings has significantly increased in recent years.  

Meeting this demand for storage space by building new warehouses has never been harder.  Construction contractors are booked months in advance. Therefore, it is no surprise that warehouse construction costs have also risen. In addition, while material lead times are falling, there are still lingering supply chain issues that can delay project start and completion dates. 

These factors mean that if you want a traditional warehouse building, you could we waiting many months, if not longer. 

Building a traditional warehouse requires significant planning, considerable space, a big team of consultants and a large budget.  Temporary buildings are a great way to create warehouse space, on-site without the complexities, costs and timescales of a traditional warehouse construction project.  This article will help you find out more about how to build a temporary warehouse that will save your business time, money and stress. 

We can deliver a complete turnkey project in as little as 6 weeks from quote to completion. Giving you the warehousing space you need. Fast.  

So, you need a new warehouse building?

external overview of a temporary industrial building used for storage

A temporary structure can be used for warehouse buildings, logistics centres, storage facilities (including temperature-controlled storage) and state of the art logistics hubs. From small industrial projects to large scale design & build schemes (with full project management) Field and Lawn can build your new warehouse.

There are several construction options to consider depending on what the building will be used for.  If you are looking for a simple industrial storage shed, a steel sided structure is a no-fuss, quick solution that can be installed in a matter of days.  Temporary buildings can also create high quality, buildings that rival traditional buildings in terms of performance, aesthetics and practicality. If you need to house sensitive goods, such as food, drink and other temperature sensitive products, by selecting a fully insulated building.  If the warehouse will be occupied, an insulated building could be a good option to provide a comfortable working environment all year.

Be your own architect!

You can design your new warehouse with a few clicks, using our temporary building configurator.  Choose the size, specification and finishes and we will do the rest!  No need for complicated technical consultants as our in-house team will get all the calculations and drawings completed for you, with no hidden costs.

How can you build a temporary warehouse?

Building a temporary warehouse and storage building

Here are some more benefits of choosing a temporary building for your next construction project: 

Cost: Temporary buildings have very few complex component parts.  This means their construction cost is in the region of 70% lower than a traditional building.  Maintenance is also significantly cheaper.  They don’t require multiple trades, such as dry lining, plastering, brickwork, cladding or groundworks.  Again, this all helps to reduce cost.

Sustainability: Businesses must reduce their carbon footprint and a temporary warehouse is a great way to do this.  They are made off-site using the latest and most efficient construction techniques that reduces waste. Once they have reached the end of their lifecycle many components can be recycled or re-used.

Flexibility:  Temporary buildings are futureproof for potential rapid growth and expansion of your business. You can quickly and easily add extra space to a temporary building.  They can also be moved or re-located if your needs change.

What is the average cost to build a warehouse in the UK?

A large temporary building with insulated walls

Temporary warehouses differ significantly from other traditional construction projects due to their unique modular assembly. Determining the cost of warehouse construction is crucial for effective planning and commissioning. While costs vary depending on various factors, CheckATrade.com estimates that for a basic traditional warehouse, you can expect to pay between £690 and £901 per square meter.  

See how our price measures up!

a forklift works inside a large temporary warehouse building

If you are looking for warehouse quotes, compare a temporary building to a traditional building and you will be able to make significant savings, not only in cost but time.  We can provide a free quotation in as little as 24 working hours. 

Warehouse construction and development

Warehouse design has evolved to increase productivity.  The latest automated picking and packing technology has seen many existing warehouses retrofitted to meet modern standards.  Technology integration and maintaining product quality throughout the distribution process remains a key focus. You can achieve this with a temporary warehouse.

This is because a temporary warehouse can be designed to your exact specification to house machinery, equipment and storage solutions such as racking and mezzanine flooring. Automation and smart inventory management systems can also be built in.  The clearspan structure provides ample space for plant movement inside the structure.  

Industry expertise for temporary warehouse construction

When it comes to constructing temporary warehouses, working with an experienced team like Field and Lawn can make a significant difference. We are experts in temporary warehouse construction, with over 35 years of experience.  Our team bring a unique blend of problem-solving skills, outside the box thinking and project management expertise. 

Temporary building customers

With years of experience in delivering high-quality temporary warehouse buildings. We offer tailored, bespoke solutions to meet your exact storage needs.  We have supplied temporary building solutions to a wide range of clients.  From large, multi-national blue-chip corporations to small, industrial businesses. 

We have a proven track record of successful temporary building projects across various industries.  Our client portfolio includes: 

Conoco Phillips

Visit a temporary building

With construction costs of traditional storage increasing, it may be the first time a temporary building solution has been considered.  We have a varied portfolio of completed projects across the UK and would be delighted to arrange a site visit.  This will give you and your team an opportunity to see, first hand how durable, high quality and cost effective temporary buildings can be.