Temporary industrial buildings. Fit for the northern powerhouse.

Why are temporary industrial buidlings booming in popularity?

The north of England, often referred to as the “northern powerhouse”, is synonymous with manufacturing and industry.  It boasts Manchester as the birthplace of the industrial revolution in the UK. Today, the region is home to one of Field and Lawn’s four branches. The vastly experienced in-house team provide a wide range of temporary industrial buildings to many growing businesses. Our perfectly positioned Northern branch is situated between Liverpool and Manchester with easy links to North East and Midlands. 

Temporary industrial buildings are demountable, modular structures. They can be used for short-term warehouse storage, industrial manufacturing facilities, temporary workshops and temporary accommodation.

Temporary structures offer a quick and highly cost-effective solution to increase storage space on-site. They can be installed quickly and are a great alternative to traditional new build extensions. This is because they are up to 70% cheaper to build and can be manufactured and installed in a matter of weeks. Furthermore, they do not need expensive and disruptive groundworks and you won’t need to hire an Architect. If your business needs evolve, you can remove or relocate the building.   

Sales Manager, Adam Rochford has been with Field and Lawn for 2 years. When it comes to project managing temporary building installation, there isn’t a much Adam hasn’t built! In our latest blog, he explores some of the recently completed temporary building projects from across the North of the UK.  

Retail storage and warehouse solutions

With warehouse space filling up across the UK and storage costs rising, hiring or buying an insulated temporary building is a viable long-term investment. Temporary warehouses bring additional storage on-site quickly. Third party logistics providers, fulfilment warehouse companies, external packing and drop shipping companies are expanding rapidly. Our modular buildings have been able to support and continue their growth by supplying additional warehousing space, quickly. Insulated temporary buildings make ideal storage spaces, they are modular structures and can be assembled on site quickly, reducing construction costs and timescales. 

When Ikea in Birmingham needed more warehousing space for their growing click and collect operation, a temporary building offered an ideal solution.  


Temporary buildings for industrial waste management

Waste management and recycling is a rapidly growing industry. Every year, it is estimated that the UK produces over 200 million tonnes of waste. Household waste and industrial waste needs to be stored and processed safely. Our large, clear-span industrial temporary buildings make excellent processing facilities. A heavy-duty industrial tent provides cover to prevent contamination.   

Furthermore, they can be specified to house machinery, such as bailing machines. With large access doors, plant can move freely to churn and move waste to other areas of the facility. Their durability means that, should there be any damage, repairs and maintenance is quick, easy and cost-effective. This is because the steel walling is pre-manufactured off-site in panels and can be easily repaired or replaced.   

An industrial temporary building

Vehicle maintEnAnce, WASHING AND valeting bays

Cars are one of the biggest investments we make in life. Car dealerships are looking to drive efficiency by providing a great working environment and, ultimately, handing the car over to the customer fully detailed, valeted, and ready to impress. Skoda Warrington identified an opportunity to use a small piece of underutilised land on their site to build a valeting bay. This bespoke industrial structure had everything needed to increase efficiency. 

In addition to valeting and wash bays, temporary buildings make a great option for workshops, garages and maintenance depots.  With their flexibility, durability and speed, you can create a bespoke set up for your car, coach or van business. 

a new valeting bay installed for a car dealership

Hire a temporary building

In the north, industry and enterprise go hand in hand. Field and Lawn are proud to have a branch in Runcorn, enabling us to provide a quick, local and responsive temporary building hire service. This is especially important when looking to rent a temporary building. Our location allows our temporary building team to service all areas of the North and midlands. 

What about planning permission for temporary industrial buildings?  Just like a permanent building, you will need planning permission.  There are some exemptions to this so its always best to consult a professional. However, if your temporary storage building will be in place for less than 28 days, you may not require planning permission.     

Our Temporary Structures

Field and Lawn provide a wide range of temporary buildings, all compliant with UK building regulations.  They range from heavy duty industrial tents with PVC roofs, loading bays and canopies right through to high end, insulated buildings for sensitive storage or welfare facilities, that can be customised to meet your exact requirements.    

 If you are based in the North and are looking to hire or buy a temporary building, contact Adam today.