Temporary buildings: vehicle wash & valeting bays

a new valeting bay installed for a car dealership

Bespoke Valeting bays increase quality and capacity

Temporary buildings can be an ideal solution for the automotive industry.  One of the most innovative projects we have recently completed used a temporary building to create a new duel sided valeting bay for Skoda

The workshop provides the optimum, clean environment for car detailing and preparation, prior to customer collection.  Comprising a wet and dry side, the new valeting bay makes a perfect, enclosed wash bay with a separate dry side for weather critical vehicle preparation, such as paint correction, polishing and applying ceramic coating.

What are valeting bays?

A blue car sits in a new industrial valeting bay

A valeting bay is a bespoke industrial structure, typically a steel building, that provides shelter to clean and valet cars or other commercial vehicles.  These can be multi-bay, providing capacity for busy valeting sites and car washes or commercial settings with high volume of vehicles. For example, rental car centres, fleet depots, haulage companies, coach hire and even police, fire and ambulance stations.

Benefits of commercial wash bays

There are a wide range of benefits that commercial car cleaners can get from a new purpose built, bespoke valeting bay:

Quality: The core benefit of a bespoke wash bay is the protection it provides from the elements. It allows complete flexibility as the building can be customised to include wet/dry sides, lighting, security and access.  It enables any professional car detailer to focus on what they do best, in a controlled environment. A valeting bay will give your business enhanced functionally, to work in all weathers.  Providing a clean and consistent environment to undertake weather critical detailing such as paint correction, paintwork repairs, ceramic coating and smart repairs. 

Professional Image: An industrial valeting bay will create a professional and premium brand image.  When working on luxury cars, you want to make sure their owners know their cars are in a safe and trusted pair of hands.   Prestige car detailing requires the very best customer service.  A bespoke valet bay will give a professional and powerful first impression. When it comes to car collection, a collection bay or canopy will wow your customers, giving them chance to appreciate your work.

Equipment Storage: An industrial valeting bay can be designed to incorporate equipment storage for your jet wash, cleaning products and other equipment.  

Skoda: Valeting bay case study

Find out how a new valeting bay transformed Skoda’s vehicle preparation operation!  read the full case study here…

a large loading bay canopy

Bespoke, custom made wash bay canopies and buildings

Field and Lawn provide a bespoke solution for professional valeting outlets.  We can provide a wide range of sizes, from industrial steel sided buildings to fully insulated, semi-permanent structures.  

Our steel valeting bays are the perfect solution for ensuring vehicles are clean and well maintained. Valeting bays can be a good solution for professional valeting outlets and commercial vehicle centers with large fleets.  

If you have an outdoor car wash, a temporary building can still help productivity and business performance. A canopy structure can create large, clear span covered space so you can continue working through the rain.  A canopy will also provide shade during summer, helping to provide a perfect finish.  

About temporary buildings

Temporary buildings are a good alternative to a permanent building.  There is no need for foundation costs, legal fees, architectural consultants, stamp duty and agents’ fees.  They are still very quick to install and dismantle.  They can be brought outright or rented.  As they are modular structures, they can be easily relocated to other sites, should the need arise.

A temporary building can be insulated, giving enhanced thermal properties and comfort for people who use them.  Field and Lawn can provide a complete turn key solution from start to finish.  If your business needs space for valeting and car preparation. Field and Lawn offer national coverage across the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.  Contact us today to request a free quote: