Bristol based temporary building supplier sees demand increase.

Field and Lawn are a temporary building supplier

Temporary Building Supplier, field and lawn, report on growing demand

Temporary buildings are becoming an increasingly popular choice for business of all shapes and sizes who need to rapidly increase covered space. Field and Lawn are a Bristol based temporary building supplier.  The branch is reporting a big uptick in demand for new temporary buildings across the South of England.

The South is home to over 2,000,000 private sector businesses, from small start-ups to large multinational corporations and everything in between. Regardless of their size, many of these businesses have one thing in common. The need for additional storage or manufacturing space. This is where Field and Lawn’s temporary building solutions have been helping businesses meet the demand for space. 

With decades of experience in providing a wide range of solutions from industrial tents to fully insulated temporary warehouses, Field and Lawn are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of modular, demountable structures. With support from expert, manufacturing partners, Protan Elmark, Field and Lawn’s in-house installation team have been installing all types of structures.  

Our temporary buildings are perfect for businesses looking for a quick and cost-effective solution to their space problems. Our structures can be used for a variety of purposes, from industrial manufacturing to retail storage and temporary welfare. The team at Bristol have even provided temporary classrooms, loading bay camopies and welfare facilities! 

a large steel storage shed from temporary building supplier field and lawn

Retail and warehouse storage solutions

With warehouse space at a premium across the UK, renting or buying a temporary building is a cost-effective long-term investment. Third-party logistics providers, fulfilment companies, and distribution centres are expanding rapidly. We have been able to support and continue their growth by supplying additional warehousing space within a matter of weeks.  

Why buy a temporary building?

Temporary buildings are extremely durable structures. It is approximately 70% more cost-effective to buy a temporary building compared to a permanent building. There is no need for foundation costs, architectural, legal or agents’ fees. In addition, keeping your storage space on site will reduce costs, as well as eradicate the extra hassle of organising personnel, security, plant, equipment and transportation between sites. 

Temporary buildings are quick to manufacture and install. You can get the extra on-site space you need in weeks, avoiding the delay and cost of significant groundworks and slow traditional build processes.  In some instances, you may not require planning permission.  This is because they are pre-fabricated, quick to install and don’t require complex traditional construction. A modular building can save approximately 70% when comparing to the build costs of a traditional building.  

Finally, in this uncertain financial time, a temporary building is a lower risk option than investing in the conventional build of a permanent storage facility. 

RENT a temporary building  - SHORT OR LONG TERM

Field and Lawn are proud to provide a quick, local, and responsive service from their base in Bristol, which covers all projects south of Birmingham. Whether you need an industrial storage shed or a bespoke manufacturing facility, our experienced team can design and install a temporary building to suit your requirements.

Renting a temporary structure is one way to get things moving at speed with buildings available to hire in as little as two weeks. We can get you covered, quickly. 

Temporary building maintenance 

Just like a traditional building, there are some maintenance considerations. 

Regular inspections and repairs need to be completed. Field and Lawn can supply an additional maintenance package, as well as refurbishment work, to existing temporary buildings. All new buildings from Field and Lawn come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

Take a look at how we worked with Matalan on refurbishing an existing temporary building.   

Temporary building refurbishment project completed by Field and Lawn

Temporary building success stories

A growing number of businesses are turning to portable building solutions.  They can provide temporary warehouses, office space, temporary accommodation and temporary warehouse storage.  The buildings comply with all UK Building Regulations and offer a more robust and long lasting alternative to industrial storage tents and marquees. 

When Ikea Lakeside needed more warehousing space for their growing click and collect operation, a temporary insulated building was selected as the perfect solution. 

a temporary warehouse built by temporary building supplier field and lawn

UK Based temporary building supplier - covering the south of England

From our Bristol branch Field and Lawn provide a local service across the South.  Are looking for a temporary building outside the South? Field and Lawn provide temporary buildings nationally, with local branches in Manchester and Edinburgh. With expert local knowledge, we are well placed to help you hire or buy a new temporary building. 

Our team can help guide you through the process from start to finish. Or, if your business is already using temporary buildings, we can also support you with modular extensions, upgrades, building maintenance, repairs and re-locations.