A building revolution: Temporary Building Solutions For Schools

A 10m x 20m temporary school budling used as a dining hall

Find out how a temporary building can quickly provide extra space and capacity at your school, college or university.

During the summer holidays, many schools, colleges and universities will use the extended break to undertake essential repairs and maintenance across their sites as well as undertaking significant capital projects like classroom extensions and building upgrades.  As the new school year rapidly approaches, we know all too well that the race to get projects finished in time is on.  Where there is a risk of projects running over, beyond the summer holidays, temporary building solutions for schools can be the answer.

Temporary buildings can help deliver additional space quickly for a range of short and long-term requirements.  We have seen temporary structures used most commonly as gyms, temporary classroom facilities and examination halls.  However, more recently our flexible temporary buildings have been used to create a high quality school dining hall facility for a secondary school in Bedfordshire. 

Case Study: Temporary dining hall for schools

An open plan flexible dining hall facility

A secondary school approached us with a time-critical need to increase dining hall space and capacity on their school campus.  They needed a seamless, well-designed, and cost effective dining space that would provide a warm space for students to eat and relax and enjoy school meals throughout the academic year.  Field and Lawn provided a 10m x 20m temporary school canteen complete with secure glazed doors, lighting, heating and cooling and access ramps. 

“Temporary” only by name

While they may be called “temporary” our temporary buildings are robust and highly durable structures that comply with all UK building regulations.  They are designed to be in place for in excess of 20 years and are re-locatable.  This proves to be a great option for multi academy trusts, that wish to deploy space quickly, where needed to create high quality additional space. 

A temporary school building can be specified to high standards of thermal performance and include everything you would expect from a traditional building such as heating, lighting, security and more. 

Our insulated temporary buildings combine an innovative blend of thermal insulation, robust construction, and patented technology, making them ideal solutions for industries where building performance matters. 

A complete modular building solution

Temporary buildings have been revolutionising the construction industry,  and we have seen first hand how they can help schools approach and solve capacity and space problems.  

Speed of Installation: A modular dining hall can be installed in as little as 5 days!

Cost Efficiency: Modular temporary buildings are in the region of 70% cheaper than traditional brick and mortar buildings.

Reduced On-Site Risk: Temporary buildings are manufactured off site, reducing the risks associated with long-term construction projects on education campuses.

Minimal Disruption: Fewer contractors on-site means minimal disruption around the school site. Lower noise pollution, less mess and far fewer vehicle movements adds to the benefits of temporary buildings.

Lower Up-Front Costs: Unlike traditional building projects, modular builds required lower upfront investment.  A temporary school building can be hired for short term requirements.

Temporary or Semi-Permanent: The versatility of modular temporary buildings means it can adapt to your school’s needs, whether for temporary or semi-permanent use.  They are easily extended if you require additional space.

Get the extra space you need

A prefabricated modular cafeteria, dining room or temporary kitchen will provide your school, college or university, students, and staff with a comfortable, safe environment quickly. Rapid construction, minimal disruption, and reduced risk means you’ll have less hassle getting your new facility up and running compared to opting for a permanent building. 

Flexibility of design offers you the opportunity to get a dining facility that fits your exact requirements to include areas such as kitchens, seating, food preparation, serving and cleaning areas.  Just like a traditional building, our temporary buildings can be partitioned to create the space you need, designed for your bespoke requirements. 

Flexible, temporary spaces for schools

Temporary buildings are a flexible solution that can provide additional on-site temporary space quickly.  Beyond dining halls they have a range of uses for education including classrooms, gyms, sports halls and equipment stores.  Our temporary buildings are designed with student and staff comfort at the heart and are fully compliant with UK Building Regulations.

About Field and Lawn

Field and Lawn are expert, national temporary building providers. We install a wide range of temporary building solutions in the education sector.  We offer a full turnkey service, including design drawings as standard and complete project management, giving you a high quality, temporary building that will work for your school.  

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