Temporary building design

An all-inclusive temporary building design service

One of the key benefits of a temporary building solution is their simplicity and practicality. They are faster and more cost efficient than a traditional building to install.  Furthermore, they are also quick to design. F&L Temporary Buildings have a dedicated building design team to bring your project to life.  

A large insulated temporary storage structure

Temporary building design process

Visuals and design renders

From storage to industrial manufacturing buildings, through to workshops and canopy solutions, we include a comprehensive building design and drawings.  This will help you see how your new building sits on your site.  If your building requires planning permission, it will also support the planning application. 


Before manufacturing your new temporary building, we provide detailed design drawings and site-specific calculations.  This includes wind and snow loadings to comply with building regulations.  Our manufacturing partners use precision engineering technology to produce the building and our in-house installation team will then install the structure in a matter of days

Finishes and fit out

Temporary buildings are almost infinitely customisable due to their modular construction.  You can create a temporary building that suits your exact requirements.  They are generally constructed in “bays” which provide the length.  These are typically manufactured in 5m lengths.  There are a number of cladding options from fully insulated, part insulated or industrial steel cladding. A full range of options can be selected to fit out your building.  This includes racking, partitions, heating, cooling and a variety of access doors.

Complete flexibility and customisation options

While we can design and install made to order temporary buildings and structures, if you need to move quickly, you can also hire a temporary structure from our rental stock. If you are looking to hire a temporary building, warehouse or manufacturing workshop, we have a range of modular buildings that are available for hire to suit your needs. These buildings can still be specified and adapted to your requirements.  If you are looking for a complete bespoke temporary or semi-permanent building, we can design your bespoke, made to measure building to your exact requirement, including wind and snow loading calculations. 

Custom design

If you want to start exploring temporary building design options, use our interactive building configurator to start your custom design today.  Submit your design and we will provide a quotation:

Unsure of your best options? If you are looking for advice and further information on temporary buildings, book a free consultation with one of our experts. They can provide guidance on planning permission, specification an fit out options, to help you get the space you need.