Temporary vehicle workshop buildings: Increase your maintenance space at speed

Vehicle workshop Buildings from F&l tEMPORARY BUILDINGS

Every year in the UK, around 2,000,000 cars get repaired or receive routine servicing and maintenance. Subsequently, the automotive industry is booming and the market growth has seen unprecedented demand for car parts and vehicle workshop space.

Our robust, relocatable temporary vehicle workshop buildings provide additional space and capacity that is engineered to perform to help you increase your workshop capacity quickly.

Our most popular solutions for the automotive industry include bespoke maintenance bays, workshop buildings, valeting areas and MOT stations. Additionally, we can also provide large workshop structures to accommodate your HGV and other large fleet maintenance requirements.  

So, if you are outgrowing your existing building and need additional workshop space or storage, our high-quality buildings will be able to help you.

Valeting bay for cars skoda

Design your workshop building 

The first thing to remember is that while they are referred to as “temporary” that does not mean they are a short-term solution.  Due to this, our bespoke workshop buildings can be used for over 20 years.

From an initial design concept, through to the final production drawings and calculations, we work with you to design your workshop without expensive architects.  Our design team will provide all the details you need.  

Traditional workshops often face challenges, particularly in terms of limited space and efficiency. This article explores the concept of temporary workshops as a solution to these challenges, emphasising the need for increasing vehicle maintenance space at speed.

Bespoke vehicle workshops and maintenance bays

Vehicle maintenance plays a pivotal role in order to ensure the safety and performance of vehicles. Traditional workshops often grapple with space constraints, leading to inefficiencies in their operations. Additionally, inadequate space not only hinders workflow but also limits business growth.  If you are turning customers away due to lack of capacity, you risk loosing long-term customers and may be damaging your reputation with long waiting times. 

Next, we explore how your dealership or accident repair centre can quickly increase your capacity by installing a vehicle workshop building or part storage structure.

Steel garage buildings and workshops

A popular choice in the automotive industry is a steel workshop design.  In particular, this provides a secure and durable finish that will stand the test of time.  Specifically, this structure is well suited to secure car storage or as a valeting bay, just like the solution we provided to Skoda Warrington.

Insulated vehicle workshops

An insulated building will provide a comfortable working environment for technicians. Insulation is a crucial element that significantly impacts the functionality, performance and comfort within a building. Our insulated buildings feature materials that reduce heat transfer, in order to ensure thermal efficiency to create a comfortable, controlled internal environment. Field & Lawn insulated buildings typically use a sandwich panel wall construction, with a 60mm PIR foam insulated core

Workshop specification options

Temporary workshops offer a quick and flexible solution to the challenges posed by traditional spaces. The versatility and adaptability of temporary buildings make them an ideal choice for creating additional space for vehicle maintenance. These structures provide a temporary solution without the need for major construction, allowing workshops to address immediate space needs.

With all of our temporary workshop buildings, we can supply a wide range of extras such as large vehicle access doors, including roller shutter doors, through to MOT viewing windows, or partition the workshops into individual bays.

Maximising Space with bespoke or standard designs

The key advantage of temporary workshops lies in their ability to maximise available space. We can create a building that fits the specific layout requirements of your vehicle maintenance operations. This means that every inch of space is used efficiently.

Steel garage vehicle workshop building

Safety and Compliance Considerations

Ensuring a safe working environment is paramount in vehicle maintenance workshops. Compliance with local regulations and standards, coupled with adequate safety measures, is essential to protect both technicians and the vehicles being serviced. Comprehensive training programs ensure that workshop personnel are well-versed in safety procedures and adhere to best practices.

New to temporary workshops? 

Temporary workshops, modular structures and portable shelters create additional space quickly. These structures are customisable, allowing workshops to design spaces tailored to their specific needs. The flexibility of temporary buildings enables workshops to adapt to changing requirements without the constraints of permanent construction.

Safety measures, such as proper ventilation, lighting, and signage, contribute to a secure working environment. Workshops must comply with local authorities and industry regulations to create a safe space for both technicians and customers. Prioritising safety not only protects individuals but also establishes trust and credibility in the maintenance services provided.

About F&L Temporary Buildings

We work with major car dealers, such as Skoda, accident repair centres and independent garages to design and deliver high-quality workshop buildings.  From single bay steel valeting bays through to large, multipurpose and state of the art workshops.

What can our buildings be used for?

Their flexibility is practically endless!  You can completely customise and configure your building to meet your needs.  In addition to vehicle workshop buildings, other popular applications include:

    • Workshops
    • Valeting bays
    • Vehicle presentation suites
    • Showrooms
    • MOT stations
    • Storage
    • Bodyshop space
    • Photography studios

As the demand for vehicle maintenance continues to rise, embracing temporary structures is a strategic move towards achieving efficiency and productivity whilst balancing the cost compared to a traditional building.

In Focus: Temporary Workshop Buildings

Temporary industrial workshop buildings provide a long-term space solution.

Temporary workshops, also known as temporary buildings, are a robust and durable solution for industrial businesses in need of additional workshop space. Whilst the name may include “temporary”, meaning non-permanent, they are high-quality, long-lasting buildings with a life span in excess of 20 years.

A large temporary workshop used as a car garage with a roller shutter door.

Temporary Workshop Construction

Unlike most traditional workshops, our solution is manufactured off-site and installed on your land, in as little as 3 days. This means that a temporary building can be in the region of 70% cheaper to build. Other benefits include:

No expensive consultant fees: Design and planning included

Easy installation: Compatible with almost any ground surface or slope

Flexible: Rental options are available to suit your business needs

Quality: Long life-span with minimal maintenance requirements 

Fit out: You can fit out your temporary workshop to your exact requirements 

An industrial temporary workshop is typically manufactured using corrugated steel sheets as this provides a wide range of benefits.  Other construction materials can be used, for example insulated sandwich panels.  This solution provides a greater level of comfort and thermal performance. 

Temporary workshops have become a preferred choice for various industries including the automotive, waste management and manufacturing sectors. In our latest blog, we focus on the features and advantages of temporary workshops.

Flexible and Efficient Workshop Space

Temporary workshops provide a practical and flexible alternative to traditional buildings for businesses seeking additional workshop space. These structures can be easily modified at specification stage, to accommodate bespoke needs, such as the installation of equipment, doors, and security features.

With their modular design, temporary workshops can be specified in a range of sizes, offering the opportunity to create the ideal workshop environment. Bays are generally manufactured in 5m lengths.  

Eave heights of up to 10m can be achieved and the span, or width, can reach 40m across.  Larger spans can be achieved by linking buildings together,  or using a steel frame.

An offsite manufactured temporary workshop structure

Quick Installation and easy access

One of the primary advantages of temporary workshops is their rapid installation timeframe. Unlike traditional structures that require lengthy design and consultation, including numerous consultants, architects and engineers, Field and Lawn provide a full turnkey service.  Where required we can also support with obtaining planning permission.  Temporary workshops can be set up within a matter of days.  Manufacturing lead times vary from 3-7 weeks.  If you have an urgent temporary workshop requirement, we can install a temporary solution during the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, temporary workshops provide easy access as they can link to existing premises, this enhance  workflow efficiency and overall productivity.

Cost-effective and time-efficient

Temporary workshops are a cost-effective solution compared to building a brick and mortar workshop. The construction industry have seen costs rise significantly with skilled trades people booked up months in advance. Temporary workshops are manufactured off site, using a modular approach.  This means they are made to measure in a controlled factory environment.  

With reduced construction programmes, businesses can save on costs while getting the additional space they need, quickly.

Insulated temporary workshop buildings

Temporary workshops can be manufactured with insulated materials that offer significant advantages.  it is possible to achieve low U-Values.  

If you specify an insulated temporary workshop insulated structures maintain an ambient temperature, making them ideal for workshops that require controlled environments. Whether it’s regulating temperature-sensitive equipment or creating comfortable workspaces for employees, insulated temporary workshops provide the necessary conditions for enhanced performance and productivity.

temporary workshop building being used to repair a van

Temporary workshops are low maintenance

Temporary workshops have very few maintenance requirements.  These structures are designed to last and have a lifespan in excess of 20 years.  This means you can focus on your core operations without worrying about extensive maintenance requirements.  Field and Lawn also offer a complete building maintenance package and all new buildings are covered by a robust warranty. 

Integration with existing facilities and workshops

For businesses looking to expand their workshop space who already have existing facility, a temporary workshop can seamlessly integrate into your current building. Our modular, prefabricated structures can be easily connected to an existing building, creating a unified workspace. This integration enables efficient workflow between different workshop areas and enhances overall operational efficiency.

OUR customers

Field and Lawn have years of experience in delivering high-quality temporary workshops and other industrial buildings. We offer tailored, bespoke solutions to meet your exact storage needs.  We have supplied temporary building solutions to a wide range of clients.  From large, multi-national blue-chip corporations to small, industrial businesses. 

We have a proven track record of successful temporary building projects across various industries.  Our client portfolio includes: 

Further uses: Temporary storage buildings

In addition to workshops, temporary buildings are widely used as storage facilities. With their flexibility, cost effectiveness and speed, these structures are incredibly popular and can be tailored to suit specific storage requirements. Whether it’s a temporary solution for storing equipment, materials or stock, these buildings offer secure areas for efficient storage.

A temporary workshop building is only temporary by name.  With their quick installation, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and durability, businesses can efficiently expand their workshop areas and storage facilities quickly.  This comes at a much lower cost than building a traditional extension.    Whether it’s a temporary workshop for a specific project or a long-term solution for ongoing operations, these structures offer high-quality construction, insulation, and customization options. By leveraging the benefits of temporary workshops, businesses in various industries can optimize their workshop functionality, enhance productivity, and meet their evolving space requirements.

Get the Extra Storage SPACE YOU NEED - Configure A building

Design your temporary workshop building with our temporary building configurator.  Field and Lawn have over 35 years of experience in installing temporary structures.  Our team of workshop experts are ready to help you build your new space!