Why choose a modular temporary building


Temporary buildings for industry and commerce

Field and Lawn have provided many modular temporary buildings for industrial and commercial businesses over the years.  Going modular has been a game-changing innovation in the construction industry.  Temporary buildings have led the way in terms of modular construction, demonstrating what is possible when using off-site manufacturing.

Much of this best practice has now been widely adopted by the construction industry in typical applications like modular homes and classrooms. However, it seems a smaller number of business have embraced the benefits of modular construction when it comes to building industrial warehouses, manufacturing facilities and workshops.

why choose a modular temporary building for your next project?

Here we explain why temporary modular structurers are one of quickest and most cost-effective solutions to providing storage space for industrial businesses. The article will also highlight the benefits a modular approach can bring compared to traditional construction.

Modular Buildings: A flexible solution

Modular temporary buildings offer a highly flexible solution for businesses looking to expand their storage capacity quickly.  Modular means that they can be easily developed, expanded or contracted to meet changing business needs. Where an extension to a traditional permanent building is possible, a modular building makes adding extra space very simple.

A benefit of a modular building is they are-demountable, meaning they can be used and easily relocated.  If your requirement is short-term, temporary buildings can be rented and returned.  This means that you don’t need to find off-site storage space.  There is also a growing market for second hand temporary buildings. If your space requirements change or your business re-locates. 

a temporary warehouse built by temporary building supplier field and lawn

Types of pre-fabricated modular buildings

There are a wide range of options from fully insulated sandwich panels through to Steel sided industrial structures.  Steel sided structures are especially good for industrial uses.   They are designed to stand up to challenging working environments, meet bespoke needs and provide a secure and durable solution for your storage requirements.

Planning permission: A key consideration

One major question we often get asked is regarding planning permission, specifically, if a modular temporary industrial building needs planning consent. Typically, our industrial temporary buildings will require planning permission. Even though they are considered to be temporary structures.  There are some exemptions, which could mean that you can have your new temporary warehouse up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to obtain planning permission for a permanent structure.  

Temporary storage Building: A quick and efficient solution

Our industrial temporary buildings are designed to be quick and efficient to install. This means that you can have your new warehouse up and running in a matter of weeks rather than months or possibly years. This makes them an ideal solution for businesses that need to expand their storage capacity quickly to meet increased demand or to take advantage of new business opportunities.

Temporary industrial buildings: Cost-effective modular solutions

Perhaps the biggest advantage of our industrial temporary buildings is their cost-effectiveness. They are typically much cheaper to manufacture and install than permanent structures.  Comparisons show that a modular temporary building can be 70% more cost efficient when compared to a traditional building. The benefits are also clear in operation.  

This is because they require minimal maintenance once they in use. Again, as they are modular, if a section was to be damaged, the damaged section can be easily removed, repaired or replaced.  Replacement parts are standardised and can be delivered quickly to keep your business moving.  

Industrial applications for temporary structures

There are many industrial sectors and businesses seeing the benefits of modular temporary buildings, their adoption is increasing all the time.  Traditionally temporary buildings have been confused with storage marquees.  However, with the advancements in precision engineering and quality temporary buildings are completely different to marquees and storage tents.  

The Benefits of modular construction

A modular approach is faster, more efficient and offers a greater amount of flexibility. As modular buildings are manufactured in factory environments, they reduce the risk of sub-standard workmanship and mitigate the challenges managing multiple construction trades on site.  

This also means, reducing the health and safety risks of construction activity.   Manufacturing off-site also has several sustainability benefits through reduced waste and re-work.  These advantages, combined with the ever-rising costs of traditional building and construction projects, material availability and red tape, means modular buildings are being used more and more in industry.  

If you are in the manufacturing or industrial sectors and need a storage solution, then a modular industrial temporary building is worth considering.  Field and Lawn have the expertise to get your project off the ground and would be happy to provide a bespoke quote.

Pre-fabricated doesn’t mean poor quality

When we hear the term “pre-fab” it often brings images of quickly commissioned, poorly designed low quality buildings.  Times have changed and the full manufacturing process of pre-fab buildings has significantly evolved for the better.  With calculations for snow and wind-loading through to complete visual walk throughs, temporary buildings can be designed to complement the existing surroundings. They can also be as unobtrusive as possible with a variety of cladding and coloured finishes. This prefabricated warehouse we delivered for Ikea really demonstrates how good they can look.  

A modular temporary storage building installed by temporary building supplier Field and Lawn

Manufacturing MODULAR temporary buildings

Field and Lawn work exclusively with Protan Elmark who are a leading supplier of temporary buildings.  Working in over fifty countries they have a busy manufacturing operation.  We regularly visit their production facilities to discuss product innovation and best practice.  This relationship enables us to offer a highly bespoke, engineered building.  

Our combined engineering and project management expertise means we can design, manufacture and install a structure that will work in practically all situations.  Where a traditional building may not be possible due to site constraints, we can find a unique modular solution.  

Inside the temporary modular building manufacturing facility

Need a tEMPORARY building fast? You can Hire a modular sOLUTION

In addition to an outright purchase, you can rent a temporary modular building in as little as five days.  If speed is key requirement, temporary buildings can be rented for short- and medium-term use.  This gives businesses even more agility which would simply not be possible with traditional buildings.   


Adam Rochford is an experienced temporary building Project Manager and has recently supported several industrial business to design and deliver new modular industrial temporary buildings across the north of England.  

His projects range from providing storage space for blue chip retail giants like IKEA, through to steel structures for waste management and the automotive industry.  

He is an advocate of modular construction. 

An image of Adam