Installing temporary buildings: Expert insight into access doors

A temporary building with a large industrial roller shutter door

Opening the door to better on-site storage and security

One of the key considerations when specifying a new temporary building or semi-permanent structure is access doors. We often get asked about the door and access options available when business are looking to increase their on-site space.  This article will explain the various options when it comes to specifying your new temporary building.

Despite the “temporary” name, these structures are robust, safe and secure.  They can be fully or partially insulated and offer exceptional levels of flexibility due to their modular construction. The good news is that just like a traditional building, there are a wide range of door systems and options to choose from. When it comes to installing temporary buildings, we can provide practically any access door for your exact requirements. 

Access doors for temporary buildings

Temporary warehouse buildings with large access doors

Some of the most common uses for industrial temporary buildings require vehicle access, such as forklift trucks for temporary warehouses or larger plant and machinery for industrial buildings. The most popular access doors for temporary buildings are roller shutter doors. These can be specified as manual or electrically operated roller doors in a range of standard and bespoke sizes.  

Access doors meet all appropriate fire resistance and thermal insulation regulations. Rapid access doors with a shorter response time for applications such as blue light buildings can also be supplied.  Rapid access doors are also great solutions for temporary warehouse buildings where speed and efficiency are key to operational performance.

Pedestrian doors

We supply and fit pedestrian doors with our temporary buildings. These doors can be insulated or non-insulated depending on the use of the building.

Different door systems can be installed such as glazed or double doors, for customer facing buildings. 

industrial access doors used in a temporary building structure

The options include industrial steel doors, UPVC doors, which can be installed in insulated buildings and Glazed doors.  Glazed doors work well for temporary accommodation, welfare facilities and gyms. 

How many doors will I need in my building for fire regs?

The number of doors required for fire regulations in a temporary building can vary depending on the specific regulations and the purpose of the building. Commercial and public buildings are legally required to have more than one fire exit and our team of experts will be able to provide specific guidance on fire safety to help you comply with regulations for your temporary building. Further guidance on installing temporary buildings, specifically emergency evacuation can be found on the government website.

Access for Warehouse buildings

Access control for warehouse buildings is critical for stock security.  A bespoke access control system can be installed in any of our warehouse buildings to prevent unauthorised access.  Moving stock in and around a temporary warehouse building is easy as access doors are large enough to allow access for forklift trucks and other heavy lifting equipment. A 3m x 4m access door will safely accommodate a loaded forklift truck.

Vehicle workshops, maintenance buildings and valeting bays

If you are looking for a maintenance building, temporary workshop or valeting bay, there are a few different access options. We can achieve door heights of up to 5m. Meaning there is sufficient clearance for light vehicles and HGVs to enter the workshop. Valeting bays can be provided as open-ended structures and completed with vehicle and pedestrian doors. A standard, electric 3m x 2.5m door will give enough space for a large family car or SUV. For motorhomes and caravans, larger doors can be created.

Canopies and loading bays

Industrial steel sided canopy structure

These structures offer unrivalled versatility when it comes to loading and unloading goods and materials.  Generally, our industrial canopies and loading bays are open ended to allow for vehicle access. They can also be linked to existing buildings, providing weatherproof area for stock processing or dispatch.  

Keeping your valuable products and staff fully protected from the weather, all year round.  If you link a canopy to an existing structure, it will still be possible to maintain access control and security. We can integrate doors and bespoke openings on all our industrial canopy structures, providing complete flexibility.

building Security and remote monitoring

Finally, there are a number of security solutions that can be integrated into temporary buildings.  From standard key fob entry system to biometric security solutions.  Temporary buildings can be completely specified to maintain site security and access control.  CCTV systems can be added together with security and emergency lighting. Doors can be controlled with smart locks and remote access is possible with the most advanced door entry systems.  

Temporary buildings can also be fully partitioned to allow access to specific areas of the building to keep sensitive and secure areas safe.  Advanced fire detection systems can be integrated into our structures for enhanced safety and security.  

In Summary

We are experts in installing temporary buildings, they can match that of a permanent building when it comes to access controls, safety, fire protection and security.  Our team of experts will be able to help you spec the perfect system for your new temporary building, no matter the use case or location of your building.  Contact us today to get the space you need.

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