How much does a temporary warehouse cost?

Frame of a cost effective temporary building installed by Field & Lawn

If your current warehouse is close to capacity, here are your best options

Our resident temporary building expert, Matt Cassidy talks you through how you can quickly and cost effectively get the space you need on your site with a temporary building. Matt has helped hundreds of business with temporary building solutions. He has a depth of experience and knowledge in helping you find the very best storage solutions for your business.

When it comes to warehousing, there are three main options. Traditionally building a new warehouse, renting an existing warehouse or investing in a temporary building on your site.

Find out how much a temporary warehouse like this costs

Firstly, why do you need more warehouse capacity?

We see business of all shapes and sizes looking to boost their on-site capacity. The main reasons being not having enough warehouse space, short term requirements to house stock, and long-term strategic growth plans. We can provide a solution for any storage problem.

Select a flexible, high quality temporary warehouse, on your site

A temporary warehouse is a low risk, lower cost option compared to renting off-site warehousing or building a traditional warehouse. As a guide, a temporary warehouse is in the region of 70% cheaper than a traditionally built warehouse. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flexibility or quality. A temporary building is a highly durable structure that can stand up to the tests of time. The standard lifespan of a temporary warehouse varies. As a guide, they can last in excess of 20 years with the right care.

How much does a temporary warehouse cost?

As with most things, the larger and more complex the design, the more you’ll pay to cover labour and materials. However, with a temporary warehouse you’re in complete control of the costs. We will work with you to refine the design and engineer a building to your requirements. You won’t face any rent rises unlike renting off site storage.

Other options for sourcing warehouse space.

It makes sense to explore all your options. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how beneficial a temporary warehouse will be for your business in terms of quality, flexibility and cost. Our temporary and semi-permanent warehouses can be rented. If you have land, we can design a custom-made building to your exact requirements with a flexible rental agreement. Or, you can purchase the temporary warehouse outright.

How much does a temporary warehouse costs like this

Buying a warehouse

If you were looking to buy an existing traditional commercial warehouse for comparison the average cost is in the region of £1,500m2. This option is your middle ground, it involves less risk than committing to build your own warehouse but has drawbacks. You will need to manage the logistics of having off-site storage space as well as moving stock and possible rent increases over time.

Traditional build

Traditional construction is a complex, expensive and time-consuming route to build any additional on site storage building. Design, procurement and delivery can take months. Requiring a raft of consultants just to get your building to site. With a temporary building, a full turnkey solution can be achieved with one principle partner.

Our approach is consultative and design led, meaning we take time to understand your requirements. With our team’s expertise, we then create detailed design drawings in a matter of days. This service is included in our temporary building offer.

If you are looking at a traditional build route, these structures will require complex foundations. The foundation costs alone can soar into triple figures easily, and that’s just getting the ground ready!

A temporary building meets all UK building regulations and you won’t need expensive foundations to install the building, giving you an instant saving on both time and cost.

Fixed building costs and total transparency

As our temporary warehouses are manufactured off-site, in a matter of weeks, we can provide cost certainty. There is no risk of price inflation after the point of order, compared to a long-term construction project, which may take several months.

What type of warehouse building will suit you best?

Our industry leading approach provides you with a range of bespoke and off the shelf options to boost your warehouse capacity and storage space at speed. To give you an accurate cost proposal on how much does a temporary warehouse cost, we can provide a tailored quote for your new warehouse building.