How Long Does It Take To Install a Temporary Building?

Temporary structure on day 4 of the build

INCREASE ON-site capacity in just 4 days with field & Lawn

One of the biggest advantages of a temporary building solution is their installation speed and efficiency, providing extra on-site capacity in days. Furthermore, when we compare this to traditional construction which can take months, if not years, it’s no wonder more businesses are choosing a temporary solution for their storage needs.

Are you looking for a quick solution to solve your space requirements? Then a temporary structure from Field & Lawn could be the perfect option. As leading providers of high-quality, cost-effective temporary solutions, we can help you get the extra space you need in as little as 4 days

What makes temporary building installation so quick?

Find out how much a temporary warehouse like this costs

One of the main reasons for the shortened installation timeframe that comes with temporary structures is their modular design. Our temporary structures are delivered to your site in modular sections. Each section is designed to fit together seamlessly, reducing the need for time-consuming, noisy and disruptive construction work. This allows for quick assembly and ensures that the building meets the specific requirements of each project.

Specialising in temporary building installation we have skilled and experienced teams who are well-versed in the assembly process. Their expertise ensures that the modular building goes up swiftly and accurately, in order to minimise any potential delays. Our team are here to help you with your next project. We offer national coverage with exceptional customer service!  In need of more warehouse space? A bespoke industrial building, or a loading canopy, our team are here to help.

What is the typical timeframe for a temporary building installation?

A standard warehouse structure can be installed in as little as 4 days without disruption or downtime.  It will give you a fully functional storage solution for your business. Take a look at the installation journey on a recent 15x12m temporary warehouse project…

Here is an example of what a typical timeframe for the installation temporary storage building could look like:

Day 1: Frame Installation

Day 1 installing the frame on a temporary building

Our team begin the installation of your temporary structure by assembling a lightweight bespoke sized frame on-site to maximise the available space. At this point the constructed frame is then anchored into a hard standing. This ensures durability and reliability even during harsh conditions. 

All Field & Lawn temporary buildings are constructed using durable and versatile materials. These materials are specifically chosen to be lightweight yet robust, allowing for quick and easy assembly without compromising on strength and stability. With this in mind, our structures are designed to meet the relevant BS6399 and Eurocodes for wind and snow loadings.

Additionally, unlike permanent structures, Field & Lawn temporary structures require minimal foundation work. This means you can begin to install your structure straight away without spending time carrying out expensive foundation work. This significantly reduces the time needed for installation.

Day 2: Cladding

Adding cladding on a temporary building

Our buildings come with the option to incorporate robust steel cladding. This provides a durable and long-lasting finish. The next step in the installation process is to install the cladding to the outside of the frame. One of the benefits of choosing a modular temporary building for your on-site storage is the ability to customise and create a completely bespoke solution. 

We have a wide range of cladding options in order to provide the perfect temporary solution for your business. Other options include insulated sandwich panels should you need a fully insulated or temperature-controlled unit. Our new temporary building configurator gives you the chance to design and specify your new temporary structure and choose the type of cladding that fits your needs perfectly.

Day 3: Roofing, lining & doors

Adding the roof on a temporary building

On day three your temporary building will be coming together nicely. Our team will then begin to add a roof to your structure. If you’re looking for a good level of natural light inside your building, we can install an industrial PVC roof and even give you the option to incorporate anti-condensation lining. The number of doors that we install within your new building will vary depending on what you plan to use it for. Will you need access for loading vehicles or a forklift? A bespoke roller shutter door will provide easy access. If you need pedestrian access to your building, we can also install pedestrian doors so your workforce can safely enter and exit the structure on foot.

Day 4: Guttering, flashing & finishing touches

day 4 of temporary building installation

On the last few days of the construction project, the focus shifts towards the essential finishing touches in order to also ensure the building’s long-term durability and functionality. Guttering systems are installed along the roofline to channel rainwater away from the building’s foundation. This prevents potential water damage and erosion, ensuring the building’s longevity.

Lastly, flashing made of weather-resistant materials like metal is installed at ground level, intersections and wall connections. As a result water is prevented from entering the structure.

Thanks to our off-site manufacturing approach, there’s minimal waste to manage, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. The streamlined assembly and precision engineering of components for prefabricated buildings means that these final stages of guttering, flashing, and other finishing touches can be completed within just a few days, so it’s a quick tidy-up and off to the next project!

Quality and durability

Despite the “temporary” name and the rapid installation, it’s important to realise these structures are built to last. Additionally, they are also backed by a comprehensive warranty.  Furthermore, our structures can be in place for over 20 years.  They are made with high quality materials and engineered to exacting standards to suit the location.  Of course, this includes conforming to all UK Building regulations.

With this in mind, Field & Lawn ensure that installing a temporary building is a quick and efficient process that can provide your business with much-needed extra space in as little as 5 days. The speed of installation, combined with the cost-effective and versatile nature of temporary buildings, make them an excellent choice for companies facing a shortage of space. If you are in need of additional temporary warehouse space, a bespoke industrial modular building, or a loading canopy, contact our team to discuss your options.