Back on Track – Brighton Marathon 2021

After cancelling in 2020, because of Covid, the organisers of the Brighton Marathon were keen to get up and running as soon as possible in 2021. Once lockdown was over the event, which is usually run in April, was re-scheduled for September.

We love a challenge at Field & Lawn and the fact that this already massive job now fell within our festival season, and in the middle of our Festive Lighting planning, did not deter us. We thrive on logistical challenges and we were happy to step up and deliver this event for the 7th time.

This particular job has 45 marquees (totalling 4,500m²) spread over 3 different areas of the city. Careful logistical planning is required. Restricted access to the main event area on the beach means all delivery vehicles must be off site by 9.30am. We needed 5 artic lorries just for the ballast required to secure marquees on the sand – 135 tonnes of concrete!

Record temperatures for September also didn’t help our crews on site. Thankfully a dip in the sea at the end of the day helped everyone to cool off.