Temporary Industrial Structures: What you should know

Office. Warehouse. Showroom. Workshop. What do all of these have in common?

They are normally within buildings which take up permanent residency among several other permanent buildings. The cost to rent or buy a space for your business can be eye-watering. But what if there was another way which was less expensive and gave you more flexibility? We introduce you to Field and Lawn’s range of temporary industrial structures.

Field and Lawn has over 30 years’ experience in designing and constructing temporary industrial structures for a whole variety of purposes and sectors. Whether it’s a short-term temporary facility, or a more long-term storage space, we can offer a range of options.

Temporary Industrial Structures: What you should know

Before you decide if a temporary structure is right for your business, let us take you through some of the advantages to show you why going down the temporary route could be the most suitable route for you.

Less expensive than a permanent building

We don’t need to tell you that buying or renting some space for your business does not come cheap. With a temporary structure, your outlay is far less than a bricks and mortar building. From our personal experience, we’ve seen this generate significant cost savings for our customers.

Shorter lead time

If you’re constructing a whole new building from scratch, the thought can be overwhelming and the actual project can be time consuming. With a temporary industrial structure, your lead time is greatly reduced so that you can minimise downtime and keep your business productive. If you decide your new structure needs more room for storage, a showroom or just some additional office space, you can increase your space quickly without affecting your workforce.

Designed for year-round use

The Field & Lawn team is well aware of one of the common issues that people have with temporary structures. What if they’re too cold and how can that be controlled? This is simpler than you think as Field and Lawn’s temporary structures are suitable for all seasons. The durable PVC covers protect the interiors from the rain, snow and wind and the interior can be heated throughout during the Winter.

Equipped with all the essentials

You might think that a temporary structure will look much like a traditional warehouse with barely anything inside. Good for a storage space, but not so good for an office you may say. However, Field and Lawn’s temporary structures can be fully equipped with electricity and lighting so your employees won’t even know the difference.

Safe and secure

Without the traditional timber or bricks of a permanent build, security can be a concern. But we’ve already got this in mind. Temporary structures can incorporate steel or composite panels, roller shutter doors and fully lockable pedestrian door systems for complete peace of mind.

Enhanced flexibility

The most exciting thing is that with a temporary structure, you don’t need to be confined by the limits of four walls. The Field & Lawn team has constructed every type of temporary structure imaginable, from your traditional warehouse set-up all the way up to spherical domes for an event space. Our best temporary structure is whatever works best for you.

Temporary Industrial Structures: What you should know

We can create temporary industrial structures for any purpose and we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Contact us at your nearest branch to speak to one of the team.

T Rex in Town

Away from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow City Centre, on the outskirts of Kelvingrove Park, sits something truly spectacular.

The historic Kelvin Hall has opened its doors to a very special visitor – Trix, the Tyrannosaurus rex. Being just one of the three most complete skeletons in the world, this 66-million year old fossil has become the newest addition to Kelvin Hall as Trix finishes her European Tour.

With such a precious artefact taking centre stage the clients, Glasgow Life and City Building, needed to ensure Trix was well protected. Enter the Field and Lawn Industrial Structures team.

Trix’s temporary home in Glasgow needed to be a controllable environment that was fully insulated to avoid moisture damage. This meant designing and building an entirely bespoke demountable semi-permanent structure within the 8,000 sqm Kelvin Hall.

Measuring 20m wide x 30m long and with an eave height of 8m, the unique structure comprises a flat roof to maximise the available internal space. This project comprised several unique elements for the Field and Lawn team, including the management of several stakeholders who were communicated and consulted with throughout the process to ensure that Trix would get the best stay possible for her stop in Glasgow.

T Rex in Town T Rex in Town

Commercial Director, Ross Robertson headed up this unique project and shared more about the team’s process and considerations.

“The structure that we designed was entirely bespoke and was designed to meet all of the stakeholders’ requirements. The structure had to be located inside the space of the Kelvin Hall and had to provide a fully controlled environment, while having as high a ceiling as possible within the space. With the flat roof structure, we managed to incorporate 6.6m of clear internal height. The structure is fitted with insulated panels on the sides and roof and these panels are coloured black externally and white internally in order to provide a “sealed box” – ensuring visitors are in a special environment and also protecting the artefact. As part of our package we also provided all lighting, emergency lighting, roller shutter door, entrance / emergency doors, internal flooring, floor covering and walling – everything you need for a temporary museum.

“The structure looks spectacular and is also future-proofed to ensure that many more touring exhibits and events can be housed in this unique sustainable building. We are very proud to be associated with this project and it showcases what we as a team can provide with our range of Temporary Industrial Structures and our supply chain.”

Following the T Rex in Town exhibition, the plan is to utilise the space for subsequent exhibitions so ensuring the marquee was fit for this purpose was absolutely essential. We can’t wait to see what will come to Kelvin Hall in future and we wish Trix a safe trip back to her new permanent home in the Netherlands.

The T Rex in Town exhibition runs until 31 July 2019 and is Trix’s last stop in Europe, so make sure you don’t miss out on seeing this fantastic specimen while you can. To find out how you could better utilise your space with a temporary structure, contact your nearest Field and Lawn branch.

Speedy Storage Solutions

Often when a client requires a temporary structure solution, speed is of the essence. The Manchester branch’s latest industrial structure installation, measuring 20m in width and 40m in length was completed in just 7 days and will be used as a storage facility at the client’s Midlands site.

A purpose-built concrete slab was poured ahead of the installation and the structure was configured and manufactured in line with specification of the new ground conditions.

Speedy Storage Solutions

Speedy Storage Solutions

The structure, which is on long term rental, features 4m walls clad in single skin steel panels and is fitted with a PVC roof and matching gables.

High bay, emergency and exit lighting were also included in the hire package along with an electrically operated roller shutter door and single pedestrian access door.

Rental structures are fully customisable allowing us to create a solution to meet the specific project requirements of the client whilst keeping lead times to a minimum. We can also offer insulated options such as sandwich panels or an inflated roof, depending on the internal conditions that need to be achieved.

To find out how Field and Lawn can assist with temporary structure needs, whether it be for hire or purchase, contact us at your nearest branch. You can now also use our Structure Configurator which allows you to design your structure to your exact requirements. Choose your structure type, size, roof type and more here.

Vehicle Transport and Storage Structures

Field and Lawn’s permanent structures come in all shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of uses.

We recently installed one of our industrial structures for a vehicle logistics and storage provider.

At their new site in Bathgate, the company needed to be able to process over 100 new vehicles per day for a full pre-delivery inspection, getting them ready for transportation all over the UK.

Vehicle Transport and Storage Structures

Vehicle Transport and Storage Structures

With no available buildings onsite to use for this purpose, Field and Lawn provided the solution.

We had nine weeks to create a structure measuring 225 sqm with a 5-metre eve to allow for the processing of larger vans. We needed to ensure the structure could be deconstructed and moved to another site, that it was thermally insulated, and that electric roller shutter doors and pedestrian access doors were incorporated.

Comprising a double-skin inflated roof system to remove excessive condensation the structure was also provided with corner bracing to maximise the working area by utilising the roof space.

Vehicle Transport and Storage Structures

As well as all of this, we also acted on the client’s behalf to engage with our Planning Consultants.

Providing this service allows the client to continue running their business while ensuring everything was being looked after behind the scenes concerning their planning application.

Find out more about our industrial structures by clicking the button below to contact your nearest branch.

London’s Response to the Pandemic

In May of this year, as the rules of lockdown began to lift, London was planning its response.

As the busiest and biggest city in the UK, we knew that our clients would be looking for ways to attract workers and visitors back to the high streets safely and respectfully. We have installed over 400 flags along some of the most prominent retail high streets with positive messages of support for key workers and the NHS.

London’s Response to the Pandemic

London’s Response to the Pandemic

We have supplied over 10,000 floor stickers to promote social distancing and encourage one-way systems.

We have also installed 150 way-finders with hand-sanitising dispensers. These have been distributed in high footfall areas, along pavements and outside tube stations, to provide the public with the opportunity to clean their hands regularly.

London’s Response to the Pandemic

These projects were enriching for us.

We were able to rely on our trusted suppliers who adapted to these new requirements and delivered under challenging restrictions. Operational management was quick to adjust to the new rules, and we developed new procedures to keep our staff and the public safe, whilst carrying out this work.

We’re very proud of the work we’ve completed over the last four months, as part of the response to this pandemic, and it’s been great to work with the local leaders of London who have put in the time and effort to keep London open and safe for business.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with similar products, contact us through your nearest branch.


The Power of Placemaking

At Field and Lawn, placemaking is our area of expertise.

The Power of Placemaking

In the time of a pandemic, city and town centres are looking at new ways of creating open, welcoming streets to invite people back safely.

They are looking to reassure people that you can still relax and enjoy your time browsing, wandering the city streets, or meeting a friend for coffee and cake.

The Power of Placemaking

So where does placemaking come in?

We are working with clients in BID areas such as New West End Company, Heart of London, Grosvenor and The Crown Estate, installing over 100 hand-sanitising stations and thousands of floor stickers across many central locations.

This helps to keep usually busy retail spaces as accessible as possible in these challenging times.

The Power of Placemaking

Feel the Love on the High Street

The Christmas trees are packed away for another year but that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

And while we can’t come together just yet, we can still spread a little love across the UK and show our appreciation for our fantastic high streets up and down the country.

We offer an array of city dressing services from decorative lighting to flags, banners and bunting. On top of this, we can also provide branded social distancing solutions such as floor vinyls, wayfinding signage and sanitising stations to keep people connected and safe.

Feel the Love on the High Street

Whether it be a vacant retail unit or a cross street display, we’ve got a solution.

Our experienced team can install flags, branded graphics and bespoke displays to create impact and add some much-needed colour to any space.

No matter the size, it is always our mission to transform spaces. And with many of us venturing out into the cold and with things seeming more than a little grim as we head into 2021, we’d be delighted to bring some cheer and positivity to your town.

Connaught Village – Tree of Love, Joy and Hope

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have a very special love-themed project to share.

Seeking to uplift spirits, the Church Commissioners of Connaught Village wanted to create a dazzling display that would capture the feeling of love, joy and hope.

The experiential company, Sister London and leading lighting designer, Shiu-Kay Kan designed a stunning LED lighting display where glowing pink and red hearts fill the tree at the junction of Connaught Street and Kendal Street.

Connaught Village

The Field and Lawn team was delighted to support this unique project.

Providing our planning and installation expertise, the team was thrilled to bring the design to life and help illuminate the streets of London for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re in the area, we’d love to see your selfies and snaps of the installation. Remember to tag @ConnaughtVillage.

If you have a placemaking idea that you’d like us to plan and install, get in touch with your nearest branch. Don’t forget, we also offer design services so we can take a city dressing project right through from the initial idea to installation.