Temporary buildings for sale

Purchase a temporary building

Looking for temporary buildings for sale? We are a leading provider of temporary buildings and offer some of the most competitive prices across the industry. If you are looking to buy a new temporary structure, we can provide a budget quote and free design within just one working day.

example of temporary building for sale from Field & lawn

Benefits of buying a temporary building

70% cheaper than a permanent building

Made to measure for your business

Rapid installation in days

You own the asset

Significant re-sale value

Easy to relocate if required

Meet your business needs temporary buildings for sale with rapid deployment

Buying a temporary modular building or warehouse is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to increase your on-site space and capacity without disrupting your day to day business operations. Our team of in-house experts can install new modular buildings in a matter of days without delaying your usual operations.

Completely customisable

Buying a modular structure means you can specify your building to your needs.  From a wide range of access options, security, lighting heating and ventilation options and more.  Our expert team will guide you through the range of options as you specify your building.

Never run out of space again

Buy a temporary building facility to meet your business’s specific needs with rapid installation, minimal disruption and long-term adaptability. Our high quality, flexible temporary structures are flexible enough to grow with your business.  You can easily extend or re-locate a temporary structure.

Ready to install? Spec your building now

If you know the type, size and specification of the building you need, start a bespoke quote now for your ideal solution. With our interactive building configurator you can specify your structure, including size, finish and a range of bespoke options to generate a quote for your project.