Bulk storage warehouse solutions

Are bulky items causing you storage headaches?

Is your business facing the challenge of storing a large quantity of bulky products that will swamp your existing warehouse? 

Rather than leave the product uncovered and unsafe outside, there is a quick and cost-effective bulk storage system…

Inside a large bulk storage warehouse building filled with large items

Bespoke storage buildings for bulk products

Traditional warehousing relies on conventional shelving and racking systems, whereas bulk storage is designed to safely store larger items. This causes operational challenges if stored in a traditional warehouse.  These challenges include health and safety risks due to overstocking. Incorrect storage can lead to goods falling, damage or blocking fire exits if stored incorrectly.

Bulk storage warehouse solutions

When faced with this problem, business traditionally start exploring expensive off-site storage options. Whilst this can solve the problem in the short-term, it’s not always the most cost effective and efficient way of managing your inventory. 

There are things to consider like transport, how often do you need to have access, how much will it cost to transfer items and how long will you need the space?

F&L Temporary Buildings can design, manufacture and install a bespoke bulk storage warehouse directly at your site. Despite the “temporary” name our buildings are highly durable and robust. They are semi-permanent solutions that are made to measure for your exact storage requirements. 

They can be fully insulated or part insulated, kitted out with large roller shutter doors, lighting and partitioned to provide the optimum storage solution. We offer options to purchase a structure outright or if you need more flexibility, you can rent a structure.

Increase your space. Fast.

Temporary buildings for large-scale storage

Our approach is focused on finding and delivering the best solution for you.  We will work with you every step of the way to design and install your bulk storage structure. Our service includes a free, no obligation site consultation so we can understand your needs and talk you through the best options.  Here are some common industry applications for our bulk storage warehouse solutions: 

Floor stacking space

Floor stacking is the most basic form of bulk warehouse storage and does not require any type of storage equipment. Objects are placed directly on the floor or on a single pallet and stacked on top of one another in blocks. 

Ideally, warehouse inventory is stored on a pallet whenever possible. Palletised loads are easier to handle with traditional equipment (forklifts, pallet jacks, etc.) and easier to store on pallet racks, making efficient use of cubic space. 

However, it’s important to remember that not all products can be palletised. This storage method can conserve valuable floor space but also makes for smooth operations when pallets can be maneuvered with plant. Palletised bulk storage is ideal for industries with high inventory turnover of medium sized products.

A temporary bulk storage warehouse building

Bulk container storage

Bulk containers provide a dedicated solution for storing and transporting large quantities of goods. This can include storage tanks, vats, drums, sacks, silos and other durable containers.  Our warehousing solutions can be designed around containers to maximise your storage space.

When considering temporary storage solutions for these items, we a focus on durability, flexibility, and space optimisation. A temporary building for bulk storage can be designed with robust materials, Incorporating high eaves for forklifts and large doors for easy access and maneuverability.

Additionally our modular design allow for scalability, accommodating fluctuations in storage requirements. Ventilation and climate control systems can be integrated to maintain optimal storage conditions.

Industrial canopy shelter

An industrial canopy is a great solution to protect large and bulky items.  This is because we can design the canopy to be open ended or open sided giving you flexibility for access and stock management.

Our industrial canopies are quickly and easily installed, providing excellent space for challenging items. Our temporary canopy structures can be adapted to fit around your bulk storage needs.

Our standard sizes come in 5m bays to provide the length ranging from a small 5m canopy to a large 30m spans.  Your canopy can be open ended or enclosed depending on your needs. lighting, access doors and and more can be included in the structure.

We can even integrate an industrial canopy to your existing warehouse!

A large industrial bulk storage canopy

About F&L temporary buildings

We are temporary building experts with a track record of providing high quality storage buildings, insulated buildings, warehouse solutions and canopy structures. Our approach is consultative which means we will work with you at every stage to ensure you’re satisfied and get the maximum value from your space. With a wide range of temporary buildings for sale and rapid rental options, simply contact our team of experts to start your project.

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